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2018 Reunion Program

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All sessions are EBU Level 4 (or WBF Category 3).The numbers of boards shown are approximate.
The times and events are not fixed yet. Subject to Change !!
Very conveniently, we will have breakfast and lunch at breakfast and lunchtime. Dinner will be around 6.00 pm

Thursday 19 April

8.00pm till 11.30pm Thursday Thunder (Pairs -24 Boards)

Friday 20 April

1.30pm till 5.00pm Friday Afternoon Fun (Pairs or Teams -24 boards)
8.00pm till 11.30pm Corby Cup (Pairs -24 Boards)

Saturday 21 April

11.00am till 12.00noon Seminar or speedball
1.30pm till 5.00pm Saturday Stormer (Pairs - 24 Boards)
7.30pm till 11.00pm The Bridge Club Live Pairs (24+ boards)

Sunday 22 April

0930 -1130 - River Cruise with Bridge on Board!

1200 -1300 - Seminar
1.45pm till 5.45pm Bears’ Teams (Swiss or Multiple - 28 boards)
5.45pm till 6.00pm Prize and presentations
8.00pm till 11.00pm Insatiables’ Pairs (22 Boards)

Monday 23 April

Breakfast and Depart

Tea/Coffee will be available about midway through each of the afternoon bridge sessions.