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Banner Rate Sheet

Back Ground

All our pages, where the banner is located on the top right position, are "hit" approximately between 70,000 - 100,000 times per day.The viewers are qualified members or guests all with an interest in bridge from beginner standard to experts, but have many other wide ranging interests.

The demographics are such that nearly 75% of our members, are in the age group of 41-70 years of age. 50% are from the UK.

Mode of Operation

A banner is randomly rotated for each "hit". Each banner can be weighted between 1 and 10, where the higher numbered banner will be shown more often than the lower weighted banner in the ratio of the weights.

Each banner is shared amongst all the active banners. We reserve the right to limit the number of banners but we restrict to no more than 10 banners at any one time being active.

This means, with all 10 advertisements equally sharing the "weighting", each banner would be hit 7,000 - 10,000 times per day at current activity levels. Where there are less active ads, then this will rise or can be adjusted to suit. The click thru rate is the rate for each time the Banner is clicked and therfore takes the viewer to the advertisers choice of URL.


We only operate on a basis of Click thrus, much like Google Ads etc. You only pay if a a user clicks the banner and is relocated to the Advertisers URL


Costs are made up of the following

Logo/Banner creation - the size is 200 x 92 pixels maximum and can be in any format. Gif/JPEG etc. by arrangement. There is a size limit of 15Kbytes max. You supply the outline and we will create the banner. If you supply this there is no cost involved.

Setup Charge - to initally open and account and place an advertisement is a fixed fee. All subsequent banners to the same account do NOT carry any further setup charge. For this you will be provided a dedicated logon account where all banners can be monitored..

Rate Sheet

Logo Banner Creation ( free if supplied to us in the correct size/format)

£25 / free

Advertiser Account Setup & Standing Charge

For each banner there is a monthly standing charge shown here that provides full access to your account statistics and banner activity 24x7


Rate/click thru

You only pay the" Click thru" charge when a user clicks through to your site.


We reserve the right to decline any advertisment.

For further information, please email us at: