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Online Master Points - EBU/WBU

Master Points (MPS) awarded at BCL

All BCL competitions that meet the regulations of the EBU Master Points Handbook attract EBU/WBU Local Points in accordance with the appropriate scales. These Local Points, which are full value EBU Local Points and will be treated as such towards EBU/WBU Master Point Awards, will be sent monthly to the EBU/WBU for each qualifying EBU/WBU member.

Of all the competitions that are run by BCL only the Dido Tourney held in the Daily MPS Room every day does not meet certain of the requirements of the EBU Master Points Handbook. However BCL as an affiliated online bridge club has been granted a Special Licence to award Local Points for this tourney. Dido Points will continue to be awarded to the top quarter of the final ranking list for each deal using the EBU scale (this is mathematically the fairest scale that is available for our use) but the total of DPs gained by EBU/WBU members will be divided by 4 to convert them to EBU/WBU Local Points.

Basis of awards.

OMP awards are awarded in accordance with the scales provided in the green EBU Master Points Handbook. The number of OMP’s awarded is typically for the top third in the field and the more players or the more minimum number of boards played in the competition, the higher the OMP’s awarded. OMP’s are also awarded to certain special competitions such as swiss pairs or teams events.

These OMPS are directly credited to your EBU account (or WBU if you are an Welsh Bridge Union member).

The submissions occur approximately 14 days after the month that the MPS are for.

Note that you can lookup your EBU master point record by going to the EBU web-site ( and you can drill down to see how many OMPS you have there that have been registered, as opposed to the number shown on your profile. Any difference is that the most recent events probably have not been processed.

Current Status of Updates

Any delays to the issuing of MPS will be posted on the EBU Comment Board on our home page.