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Online Master Points - EBU/WBU

Master Points (MPS) awarded at BCL

A new agreement between Bridge Club Live (BCL) and the English Bridge Union (EBU) and Welsh Bridge Union (WBU) came into force on 1st January 2015.

Under this agreement all BCL competitions that meet the regulations of the EBU Master Points Handbook will attract EBU/WBU Local Points in accordance with the appropriate scales. These Local Points, which are full value EBU Local Points and will be treated as such towards EBU/WBU Master Point Awards, will be sent monthly to the EBU/WBU for each qualifying EBU/WBU member.

Of all the competitions that are run by BCL only the Dido Tourney held in the Daily MPS Room every day does not meet certain of the requirements of the EBU Master Points Handbook. However BCL as an affiliated online bridge club has been granted a Special Licence to award Local Points for this tourney. Dido Points will continue to be awarded to the top quarter of the final ranking list for each deal using the EBU scale (this is mathematically the fairest scale that is available for our use) but the total of DPs gained by EBU/WBU members will be divided by 4 to convert them to EBU/WBU Local Points.

Until December 31st, 2014

The English Bridge Union and Bridge Club Live have a partnership agreement whereby EBU Online Master Points (OMPS) are awarded exclusively to certain Bridge Club Live events. These OMP’s may be submitted towards an EBU (or WBU) member's total master points. Bridge Club Live members do not have to pay for these points.

Basis of awards.

OMP awards are awarded in accordance with the scales provided in the green EBU Master Points Handbook. The number of OMP’s awarded is typically for the top third in the field and the more players or the more minimum number of boards played in the competition, the higher the OMP’s awarded. OMP’s are also awarded to certain special competitions such as swiss pairs or teams events.

These OMPS are directly credited to your EBU account (or WBU if you are an Welsh Bridge Union member), and for efficiency, we usually batch these and submit one batch every 2 or 3 months. If you are a new Bridge Club Live member or a new EBU member, there may be a delay as we validate your EBU account. Points earned last year or last month are retained in our records indefinitely and can be credited to your EBU account as soon as you are a validated EBU member. The nature of the awards is that a maximum of a third of your total EBU Master Points can be made up of EBU OMPS.

Note that you can lookup your EBU master point record by going to the EBU web-site ( and you can drill down to see how many OMPS you have there that have been registered, as opposed to the number shown on your profile. Any difference is that the most recent events probably have not been processed.

We are also in discussions with other national bridge organisations especially in terms of recognising these EBU OMPS or processing their own master points in a reasonable manner.

I've got 100 Local Points and 100 Online Master Points. Does that make me a Club Master?

Sorry but not quite yet. You need 200 total Master Points, but only one third of this total may consist of Online Master points. Therefore, just 67 of your Online Master Points may count towards the total that you need. Therefore your 100 Local Points and 67 of your Online Master Points count, and you need just another 33 Local Points to reach Club Master. Your surplus of 33 Online Master Points will count towards the next rank of District Master.

I already have 5000 Local Points. How will Online Master Points affect me?

If you have 5000 Local Points, then you have reached the rank of Master. It also means that the first 2500 Online Master Points that you achieve will be valid immediately towards your total Master Points, and, in fact, you will be able to reach the next rank of Advanced Master (7500 Master Points) using Online Master Points alone.

I have 4000 Online Master Points and 4500 Local Points and on top of that, I now have 25 Green Points. Does that make me a Regional Master?

To become a Regional Master, you need 10,000 total Master Points including a minimum of 25 Green Points (which count as 2500 Master Points), and you now have the required Green Points. Only one third of the total of 10,000 Master points required may be Online Master Points, so only 3333 of your 4000 Online Master Points will count. You need 6667 Master Points to come from non-Online play and you have 2500(Green) plus 4500(Local), which total 7000, which is in excess of what you need!

In the last year, I have won 3000 Local Points and 2000 Online Master Points. Any chance of winning the Annual Master Points Competition?

Only 1500 of your Online Master Points will count, giving you a total of 4500 qualifying total Master Points, as only one third of your total qualifying Master Points may be Online Master Points.

Current Status of Updates

13th Feb 2015

Starting January 2015 MPS are directly submitted to the EBU/WBU database systems. The submissions occur approximately 14 days after the month that the MPS are for. The first submission took place on the 13th February 2015 and covered all MPS for January 2015. Submissions are split into DIDO MPS, Non DIDO MPS, and Special Competitions MPS (When applicable).
NB: Submissions for ZERO (0) MPS occur for accounting purposes and might show on your Member Records.

ON Line Master Points Included up to:


Date File Sent to NBO

31st December 2014 EBU, WBU 9th Jan 2015
31st October 2014 EBU, WBU 3rd Dec 2014
30th April 2014 EBU, WBU 25th May 2014
31st December 2013 EBU, WBU 7th Jan 2014
31st August 2013 EBU, WBU 25th Sept 2013
30th April 2013 EBU, WBU, ABF 19th May 2013
31st December 2012 EBU, WBU 10th Jan 2013
31st October 2012 EBU, WBU 14th Nov 2012
31st August 2012 EBU, WBU 3rd Oct 2012
31st March 2012 EBU, WBU 24th April 2012
31st December 2011 EBU, WBU 6th Jan 2012
31st October 2011 EBU, WBU 16th Nov 2011
30th April 2011 EBU, WBU 16th May 2011
31st December 2010 EBU, WBU 9th Jan 2011
31st August 2010 EBU, WBU 21st Sept 2010
30th April 2010 EBU, WBU 13th May 2010
31st December 2009 EBU, WBU 14th January 2010
15th October 2009 EBU, WBU, ABF 6th November 2009
30th April 2009 EBU, WBU 9th May 2009
31st December 2008 EBU, WBU 7th January 2009
31st August 2008 EBU, WBU 1st October 2008
30th June 2008 EBU, WBU 25th July 2008
29th February 2008 EBU, WBU, ABF 31st March 2008
31st December 2007 EBU, WBU 6th January 2008
30th November 2007 EBU, WBU 3rd January 2008
31st August 2007 EBU, WBU 20 October 2007
30th June 2007 EBU, WBU 15 July 2007
30th April 2007 EBU, WBU, ABF 11 May 2007
30th November 2006 EBU, WBU, ABF 9 January 2007
30th September 2006 EBU, WBU 10 November 2006
31st August 2006 EBU, WBU, ABF 29 September 2006
31st July 2006 EBU, WBU 25 August 2006
30th June 2006 EBU 13 July 2006
31st May 2006 EBU,WBU 4 July 2006
31st March 2006 EBU,WBU 30 May 2006
31st March 2006 ABF Green Points 2 June 2006
30 September 2005 EBU,WBU,ABF 06 Jan 2006
31 July 2005 EBU,WBU,ABF 14 October 2005
30 June 2005 EBU,WBU,ABF 8 August 2005
31 May 2005 EBU,WBU,ABF 4 July 2005
30th April 2005 EBU,WBU,ABF 21st June 2005

31st March 2005


10th May 2005