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SSD (Simple System Disclosure)

Our Simple System Disclosure system (SSD for short) was introduced to make for fairer, better and more enjoyable bridge at BCL on 22nd January 2010.

There are a whole series of FAQS on SSDs that can be accessed by clicking HERE

After 100 days:
- 33,761 partnership SSDs had been set-up, although nearly three-quarters have been used only once!
- The record number of SSDs held by one member to date is 300, but then this member is a prolific player with over 700 boards played in the past two weeks.
- Just 58 SSDs have been used over 50 times or more.

Tuesday 23rd August 2011:
SSDExtra Introduced

SSDExtra is a scrollable panel that any partnership may - or may not - choose to use to agree their system and allow their opponents to see more of their partnership agreement. It will be used firstly to describe those basic elements that are not catered for by the present SSD and can be described only as "Other - ask opps". However the SSDExtra will be large enough to include up to 1200 characters (about 250 words) providing for a fairly extensive system description if so desired. Of course most occasional pairs and many regular pairs will only choose to use the SSDExtra for a short system agreement along the lines of "Stayman, RST, WJOs, RKCB (3041), UNT, Michaels, Neg Double to 2S, Astro, Exit Transfers" while, as it is entirely optional, others may decide not to use it at all.

Sunday 18th July 2010:
Four SSD enhancements

1. SSD now applies in Special Comps Rooms, BiWeekly IMPs and the Spade/Heart Room

To play in the above rooms from today you will be required to complete an SSD with your partner in precisely the same way as has been the case in Dido Tourneys for some time now. To play in these rooms you will need to be using the latest Java software. It will also apply to non-Dido tables in the Daily MPs Room. Over the next few months the SSD will be introduced to all movement tourneys - Indys, IMPs Tourneys, the Improvers Tourney and the Teams of Four Room.

When the SSD is applied in all rooms we will get nearer to a level playing field between regular partnerships and pick-up pairings in all the more competitive rooms in the club.

2. You can look at your own partnership SSD at ALL times

This is a very reasonable change to help pick-up partnerships and has been wholeheartedly approved by our Honorary CTD and is provided for in the WBF Regulations.

Our Honorary CTD Barrie writes: "Law 40E2 of the 2001 Online Laws states: “During the auction and play, any player except dummy may refer to his opponents’ convention card. If permitted by the sponsoring organisation, in special events …… a player may refer to his own convention card.”

The “sponsoring organisation” in our case is BCL itself, and BCL hereby regulates to designate the events in which SSDs are required to be “special events” and permits the viewing of the information contained in the SSDs of one’s own side by players at any time during the auction.

The philosophy of the Laws Committee of the WBF (World Bridge Federation) when they commented on the 2001 laws, and which is shared by the current and former BCL CTDs, is that it is unfair for experienced partnerships to be able to refer to detailed system notes during an auction, but that there are some limited circumstances where inspection of one’s own system is reasonable. In their commentary to the Laws of online bridge, we note that the lawmakers particularly had in mind that we could allow consulting of short form convention cards, which is what our SSDs are.

The information contained within one’s SSD is purely that of basic methods and does not include any details of further agreements that frequent partnerships would have discussed."

However it should be noted that we will not be sanctioning the viewing of one's own full Convention Card during bidding or play when that facility becomes available.

3. The new SYSTEMS Tab at top of playing screen to access SSDs, Alerting Do's and Don't's, Claiming Advice and Systems & Conventions Glossaries with provision for Convention Card links to be included in the near future.

The new SYSTEMS Tab will link to our Systems and Conventions Glossary for members to be able to refer to when they are in the club. It will be the place where you'll find SSDs in future. It will describe the meanings of commonly-used systems and conventions in as few words as possible. Accessible guides to Alerting Do's and Don't's and to our advice on Claiming are available to all. It also includes Glossaries of general and online Bridge-speak particularly to help relative newcomers to duplicate and online bridge and for those members for whom English is not their first language.

We are grateful to all members who contributed to putting together the Glossary of Systems and Conventions.

4. All your partnership SSDs are available from your Friends List

Provided a partner is on your Friends List you will be able to view the partnership SSD from your Friends List. A link from your Partner's Profile will also be available.

Please note: Whilst SSDs are compulsory for those wishing to play in our competition rooms it should be made clear that when the full Convention Card facility is introduced it will be on an entirely voluntary basis although it is likely to be a requirement for members playing in our Special Competitions and Leagues.

Wednesday 19th May 2010:
We've been listening to all your feedback - which has been very positive in the main - and we're now making a few small alterations to the SSD drop-downs as a result. I stress that these changes are minor but extend the range of options in three categories. Basic Acol has been replaced by two new options - Acol Strong Twos and Acol Three Weak Twos in the Basic Bidding System section to widen the choice for Acol users. In the Opening Major Suit section 5+ Card Suit, 1C could be 2-only is replaced by 5+ Card Suit, 1C could be Short. Finally, Standard Count has been added to the Discard System section.

We don't intend making any major changes as the system covers most commonly used bidding and discard systems. Neither do we intend extending the facility to include Leading, Signalling and Defensive methods as advocated in some quarters. !t is felt that widening the scope of or over-complicating Simple System Disclosure would not be welcomed by the majority of the membership. The amended drop-downs which will come into operation on Wednesday 19th May 2010 are shown below, as has been requested by many members.

Over the next few months we plan to extend the SSD system by adding a complementary BCL Convention Card for those members who wish to agree with partner their full systems and then disclose them to their opps. Eventually we will have links to SSDs, Profiles and Friends Lists. We also hope to be able to introduce SSD to all Rooms in the club shortly, although whether its use should be made compulsory or voluntary in the Social Room and Coaching Corner is a matter for debate and further consideration.

There are a whole series of FAQS on SSDs that can be accessed by clicking HERE

Please keep the feedback coming.

Tony - Comps Manager

What North/East will see when they sit down with a partner:

The Basic Bidding System drop-down amended and added to:

The Opening One No-Trump drop-down is unaltered:

The Opening Major Suit Bid drop-down with a minor alteration:

The Opening Two Bid drop-down is unaltered:

The Discard System drop-down has one new addition:

What South/West sees and is asked to Confirm/Decline:

What your opps see when they arrive at your table:

Enjoy your bridge at BCL using the SSD facility

Tony - Comps Manager