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At BCL we make every endeavour to have a level playing field for all players. Therefore, if any player feels there has been a breach of ethics, failure to alert, rudeness, or any other violation of the Laws of Bridge we ask that you file an Ethics Incident Report with us.

How does it work? 

A member submits an incident report using the Form to be found via the Login page/Ethics links.  " Submit an Incident Report ". An email should be received within an hour confirming it has been received.Within a few days, an Ethics Administrator will review the incident report and make sure all the information is complete and accurate.

We have wide range of ‘tools’ that enable a fair ruling to be made.  We have chat records/pbn files, member records and other related information as well as technical resources.  We have the services of professional Tournament Directors and experienced bridge consultants – all or any of these may be involved in the decision-making, where necessary.

In normal circumstances, most Reports are resolved within 14 days of being submitted.

The administrator’s ruling will be added to the Report for the member to see.  This report is NOT available to any other member or to the player who is the subject of the report.

At that time, an automatic mail goes out to alert the member that a progress report is on the file and is available to be read.

If no action is necessary – the administrator will explain why – when posting the file as ‘Judgement Made’.

If mails have been sent – these are usually attached – unless for some reason they may be confidential.  Where possible, replies are also added to the file for the member to see.

We have broad guidelines that we use when making rulings.  Of course we are flexible and we also listen to explanations.  Our main criteria are that everyone should be able to enjoy a pleasant game of bridge without fearing any sort of unethical behaviour.

All reports are kept on file.  Although action may not be taken in some cases and benefit of the doubt given, repeated similar events will not be viewed so leniently.

If any member (either the member who submitted the original report, or the member(s) who have been identified as in the wrong) is unhappy with the decisions taken and would like to make an appeal, they must do so in writing, by email to the Managing Director, Bridge Club Live, giving the reasons for the appeal.

The Managing Director will review the case and issue a judgement within 15 working days of receiving the appeal. This decision is final and no further recourse exists.