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WBF Regulations Summary


Tell opps your basic system eg Sayc, Acol, Precision, 1NT strength, 4/5 card majors, and your 2suit bidding style eg strong/weak 2s, Benji, Lucas 2s, multi 2D etc.


  • Alert 1C if strong, or could be 2cd suit. No need to alert 1C/1D opening 3+cd suit
  • Alert transfer bids. Alert all completions if you are allowed to break the transfer since even a simple completion carries a message
  • Alert Stayman. Should alert 2D though not serious offence, but do alert all puppet responses. [CTD Note: I am very unlikely to adjust for failure to alert Stayman, but it is alertable]
  • Alert all GF bids eg 2C and conventional eg denial, relay, step, cue responses to GF bids [CTD Note: I am very unlikely to adjust if 2C is your GF bid, and 2D a negative or nothing to say bid, but the bids are alertable]
  • Alert any forcing responses to opening bids or overcalls with a special meaning eg Ogust, splinters, cue bids, Jacoby 2NT, Inverted Minor Responses and alert non forcing change of suit responses to an opening suit bid if an unpassed hand.
  • Alert Benji 2C and 2D bids [CTD Note, the same for Maj 5me 2C and 2D]
  • Alert any 2+ suited-calls - Lucas/Tartan 2s, Multi 2D, Michaels, UNT, CRO, some 1NT defences


  • Don't Alert doubles - but do alert really unusual meanings. This means don't alert even if 1NT X or 1NT X XX are not for penalties and don't alert negative doubles [CTD Note: this will be tough for EBU players, but the regulation is clear]
  • Don't alert any 2 openings if one natural long suit, strong or weak - but do alert if the bid has any other meaning eg a 2 suited hand
  • Don't Alert NT openings - except if may be unbalanced eg singleton, 2NT=minors
  • Don't Alert bids above 3NT eg Blackwood, rkcb, Gerber - except if a conventional bid on the first round of the auction


Alerts are there to help and inform. They are not there so you can score bridge-lawyering points off opps who don't alert "obvious" alertable calls like some above

The general rule is "if not sure then alert"

Then, if you are declarer or dummy, explain anything that you think opponents may not know before the opening lead. But if you are defending, don't explain (as gives UI) until end of play.




Details supplied by Twinkle