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Code of Conduct

  1. I will be polite, friendly and courteous at all times – whether chatting or contributing to Comment Boards or groups.

  2. I will respect other members' rights to have different opinions or ways of thinking.

  3. I will conduct my chat in a proper, mature and inoffensive manner taking into account that the internet environment is without feelings and  deprives us of the real voices and smiles that take the ‘sting’ out of  face to face chat .

  4. I will assist new members and guests and try to show patience and understanding.

  5. I will at all times abide by the Ethics Code and rules of Bridge Club Live 

  6. I will ALWAYS make sure that a "HAND" is completed. What this means is that I will not leave any table without first being sure that all four hands are on show on my screen and the score for that board has been registered.