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Quitting Policy

In Bridge Club Live we have zero tolerance to quitting. This is made clear in all our literature and Website Information. Whilst we understand that most ‘quits’ are due to the vagaries of internet connection, there is still a small number of players who frequently ‘leave the table too early’ when faced with a poor score. Due to technical advancement over the years and the constant improvement of our facilities, there is no longer any gain to be made by leaving the tables in this way. In fact the opposite is true.

However, quitting still causes problems in several areas.

  • Firstly, the game is spoiled for all three of the remaining players. Their game is interrupted, delayed and then abandoned. A report has to be sent.

  • Secondly, the manpower involved in researching the report, contacting the offender and responding appropriately to any correspondence is out of proportion to the problem itself. There are far better things to do with the time and money wasted.

  • Thirdly, quitting reflects badly on the quitter! It isn’t acceptable in our club, or in the world of bridge.

As part of our Code of Conduct we ask players who have failed (for whatever reason) to complete a board, to make a reasonable endeavour to contact their opponents and/or partner as soon as possible but certainly before the next time they play in the club. If you can’t remember who they were - contact Bridge Club Live via the with an explanation/apology about what happened to cause the untimely departure.

When we hear from you we are able to take a clear view of the event and ensure that you are not deemed to have left deliberately – as well possibly being able to award the appropriate score to both sides.

We do not accept quitters who despite our best attempts to be supportive, continue to make no such reciprocal effort or who deliberately quit either in rudeness or simply because they don’t like partner. We record all quits/accidental departures for future reference.

When a quit or accidental departure is reported, we will, using our discretion, apply one or more of the following:

  1. We will assign a score for the board. If a particular outcome was likely from the point that play was curtailed, we may assign such a score. Otherwise, we will apply an artificial assigned score. This may affect PPI and/or OMPs depending on the room in which the incident occurred.

  2. We will penalise the offending player or the offending side. The penalty will depend on the method of scoring and will increase with repeated quits.

  3. We will disqualify the offending player for that event.

  4. We will make a disciplinary adjustment to the PPI of the offending player in addition to that arising from an assigned score.

  5. We will suspend the membership of the offending player for a period of time.

  6. We will terminate the membership of the offending player.

The message is clear. Quitters are not welcome in Bridge Club Live.

Page updated on 23 September 2012