Understanding SAYC for ACOL Players

A Summary of how to Convert from ACOL to SAYC

An SAYC-ised ACOL convention sheet would look something like this:

Basic system
ACOL with 5 card majors
Opening 1NT
Strong (15-17) (5 card majors allowed)
Opening 2NT
20-21 (5 card majors allowed)
Opening 3NT
25-27 (5 card majors allowed)
Opening 2 bids
Weak majors and weak diamonds 5-11 6 cards no void
Opening 3 bids
1NT overcall
15-18 HCP
Jump Overcalls
Pre-emptive equal to weak 2 opening
Defense to 1NT
Defense to Pre-empts
Double for takeout, suit or NT natural, cuebid is Michael's
Slam Conventions
Blackwood & Gerber (after NT)

Other Conventions

Main changes from ACOL weak 1NT & weak 2's system (UK) are

General Notes

1) Opening 1 of a suit - 5 card majors
	if you have a weak balanced hand (12-14 points) then rebid 1NT
	if you have 4-4 in the minors then bid 1D first
	if you have 3-3 in the minors then bid 1C first
1D pass 1S pass 1NT shows balanced hand probably 4-4 in minors
1D pass 1H pass 1NT shows balanced hand probably 4-4 in minors
1C pass 1S pass 1NT shows balanced hand probably 3-3 in minors
1C pass 1H pass 1NT shows balanced hand 3-3-4-3 or 3-3-3-4 or 3-3-2-5

 2) Opening 1NT	- Strong NT 15-17 - Stayman and Transfers are standard

 3) Opening 2NT - 20-21

 4) Opening 3NT - 25-27

 5) Opening 2C  - 23+ or 4 losers and 9 1/2 playing tricks

 6) Opening 2D, 2H, 2S - weak 2's 6-10 points 6 carder no 4 card major no 2 singletons no void

 7) Responding to 1C - need 5 cards + 1D not forcing + 2NT is 13-15

 8) Responding to 1D - need 4 cards + 2NT is 13-15

 9) Responding to 1H or 1S - need 3 cards + Jackoby 2NT with 13+
	After Jackoby 2NT, opener shows a short suit to help responder evaluate
slam prospects:       eg: After 1H (Pass) 2NT (Pass)

		3C, 3D, 3S = singleton or void
		4H	   = minimum hand 
		3NT	   = medium hand
		3H	   = maximum hand

 10) Responding to 1NT - Gerber + Stayman + Jacoby Transfers
		Stayman is forcing to the 2 level
		Transfer 2D asks opener to bid 2H
		 2H		       2S
		 2S		       3C - responders chooses Pass (C) or 3D
		1NT (Pass) 3 of a minor invites 3NT - responder has a 6 card suit
	     1NT (Pass) 3 of a major invites slam

11) Responding to 2NT - Gerber + Stayman + Jacoby Transfers

12) Responding to 3NT - Stayman + Jacoby Transfers to H's or S's

13) Responding to 2C - 2D might be 'artificial' denial & expects a rebid from opener

14) Responding to weak 2's
		2NT - 	opener then shows hand as follows:
			Rebid Suit 		- Minimum 5-8
			A suit with features 	- Maximum
			3NT with no features 	- Maximum

		3NT	- To play
		Raise opener's suit 		- To Play
		New Suit - RONF (Raise only, non force) - a one round force
		RONF: Forcing 1 round - Opener raises a major with 3 card fit or good 2 carder

15) Blackwood - normal

16) Openers Rebids - normal but see response to Jackoby 2NT in section 9)

17) Overcalling: normal 
		cuebid of enemy suit after an overcall from partner is asking about quality and is forcing:
			eg:	after (1D) 1S (Pass) 2D	which is bidding the enemy suit
			then	2S		rebid of overcalled suit (weak)
		or	other 		11-12 points minimum

also	Michaels Cuebid is used: Direct Overcall of the Enemy Suit shows a 5-5 two suiter
		Minor Cuebid = shows the majors
		Major Cuebid = shows the other major & unspecified minor
			eg:	(1D) 2D		5-5 majors, 8+  points
			(1S) 2S 	5-5 hearts, 10+ points
		The responder to the overcall can ask which suit the minor is by 2NT

18)	Responding to a Takeout Double: normal, including bidding opponents suit as a force to game

19)	Cuebidding RHO's suit (Right Hand Overcaller's Suit): often game forcing.

20)	Negative Doubles: promises 4+ cards in unbid major(s)
		1C (1D) Double = 4-4 or better in majors
		1D (1H) Double = exactly 4 spades (with 5 spades, bid 1S)
		1D (1S) Double = 4 hearts & 6+ points (or 5 hearts and 5-10 points)

21)	Responder's jump shift after a double is to play
			eg: 1D double 2H,2S,3C = 6 card suit, like a weak 2 or pre-emptive 3

22)	Redoubles:
			a) To play is your side at 4 level or better
			b) Penalty if over an artificial bid
				eg: 1NT (Pass) 2D (double) Redouble	 for penalties
			c) We can make it partner
				eg: 1S (Double) Redouble

23)	SOS redouble: if doubled for penalties at the 3 level or lower
			eg:	1D (Pass) Pass (Double) Pass (Pass) Redouble = SOS, can support at least 2 of the unbid suits

Author: Phil Allen Last revised: April 1996