Bridge online
47 members from 16 countries currently on line at 10 tables - GMT

Who are we?

The International On-Line Bridge Club was formed in 1994 as a dedicated consortium focused on providing a high quality, online bridge and has been in continuous operation for over 15 years. Our trading name for the company is called "Bridge Club Live" which started as a Windows based system and since developed into a sophisticated Java Web based program giving easy access and use to both PC and MAC users operating on a variety of operating systems with varying web browsers.

Bridge Club Live has arrangements with the English Bridge Union (EBU) such that we offer EBU Online Master Points.

As an affiliated Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) Club, we also provide ABF "Green Points" for online tournaments.

We currently have around 5000 members of all categories and are unique in being able to cater for both SAYC and ACOL players.

We are based in London, England and our servers are directly located on the LINX Internet exchange within our ISP at Global Switch in London Docklands where 95% of the UK Internet traffic peers. We have maximum performance and resilience for all our International players based on a highly professional network structure.

See our Staff Team.