Bridge online
42 members from 10 countries currently on line at 7 tables - GMT


  • Java version covering all modern browsers

  • Mac users fully catered for

  • Full range of Duplicate Bridge

  • Pairs Tournaments

  • Individual Tournaments

  • Wide variety of special competitions such as Swiss Pairs, Teams, Knockout Pairs
  • Coaching Room

  • Free bridge lessons via the Coaching Corner

  • All results emailed immediately at the end of the event

  • All results available on the web-site

  • Ability to send "sticky note" messages to friends and new players

  • A "friends" list to quickly notice when your friends are online and rendezevous with them

  • Log your bidding systems with each of your friends

  • Detailed Convention Cards can be established

  • Web Forum for discussion on play
  • Friendly membership community that is supportive of newcomers

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