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The following comments were posted on our annual 2006 Membership Survey

  • Being able to look at details at the hands that I have bid and played and also to look at what others have done with those hands.

  • best interface, good players, all the juniors are here!

  • The ability to look at hands afterwards and see every play be every player on every board. What an awesome learning opportunity!
  • Much more user friendly software than OK Bridge. Each time I have returned to BCL because your software is so much more user friendly. Part of this may be because I use a Mac, and OK Bridge admits to not being "Mac friendly".

  • It feels like a "real" club with real people.

  • There are many generous and excellent players who are willing to share their experience. I have learned a lot from those able to help others.

  • Good software and excellent archival, and friendliness amongst Club Members.

  • High majority are most courteous which is more than can be said for the USA sites

  • software and organisation, archive results and playback

  • Opportunities for social gatherings, plus a usually high standard of polite and friendly behaviour. The Comment board is also a good feature.

  • there is a personal quality - hard to describe. The experience always seems relaxed and even though I have had a few unpleasant experiences it is a welcome addition to my life. Thanks for maintaining this positive environment.

  • Tried others!!! Joined it to play acol - can still manage to

  • Made a lot of friends. No quitters by and large. Taken seriously.

  • Bridge & the wonderful atmosphere among members positive attitude, friendly, sticky notes,

  • Friendly Not too many members Excellent interface,scoring,archives Something for all levels of ability

  • It still has the feel of a local bridge club. There are enough tables in play usually to have somewhere to play, without being overwhelmed by too many. The comments board adds to the feeling that I know some of the other players - I even enjoy the spats that break out, as it makes everyone seem more human!

  • The totality in what's been offered. This is a society where you can make friends. The comment board is an important part of this society. The club takes its role as a society seriously, and arrange reunions and different types of gatherings. This is important to let members feel that they are members to more than just another bridgeclub

  • I have to say the the gracious and patient way in which experienced and skilled members interact with us less experienced players takes away alot of my anxiety and self-consciousness about playing in the club and makes most sessions enjoyable and very educational

  • I am able to meet mostly very nice people who play btidge at varying standards without moving out of my home

  • The sotware actually works

  • 1.Love the coaching corner(when i can get there).Very informative, helpful,encouraging and friendly. 2.Like the comment board to read but not post.Enough clever/foolish/funny/boring,Attila's/Saints without my tuppenceworth.:))) 3.The fact that you do have polls to get feedback to improve the club.

  • I feel at home here.

  • I feel I belong

  • Discplined and good players are available to play.

  • The management team actually LISTENS which is rare and valuable!

  • MOST players are very friendy and helpfull, but you do get the odd one that is a *******

  • Quality of clientel, ability to send in an ethics report, committed management that care. 'Good feel' software.

  • My bridgeplay has improved tremendously and I have made many friends

  • Cheap, nicer people than those met in F2F , convenient , no travel, in and out when one wants to Refreshment whenever one needs any

  • The fee, which ensures that only bona fide bridge players sit at the tables. other people

  • I feel welcome here. I can play any time. I meet many interesting people. My bridge is improving because I have an interested regular partner and also some of the better players will be helpful. I also get the chance to welcome and be helpful towards the less experienced players.

  • After almost 10 years with the club, I feel I know the other members and the staff of the club. This familiarity makes me feel more comfortable while in the club.

  • Management support and the constant search for improvement - full marks for both these.

  • Regular tournaments, usually more friendly games, players do not jump in and out like on other bridge sites.

  • It is user friendly and efficiently run

  • lots of regular players to get to know to enhance the 'club' feel. many players of high standard. good, reliable software.

  • The extent I have been able to enjoy and greatly improve my bridge with the pleasant partners I have met here 2 Great coaching from good players who have given their time so freely to offer this to a high standard 3 The efforts made to arrange special comps and reunions for our enjoyment 4 The concept of fair play and ethical standards set here vs other sites. 5 The layout of the screen and tables - easy and not too noisy to the eye vs other sites 6 The general international club atmosphere, and the involvement and interest of members to help make it even better! 7 Not least, the lively CB and its daily dose of good humour:-) Thank you!

  • Comment board!

  • Friendly, pleasant atmosphere - yes, even though it is online, there IS an atmosphere!

  • Special Comps are excellent now that most events are 'flighted'. Everyone can enjoy playing at their level - no embarassing bunny bashing or terrifyingly no-win matches. Tourneys are great!

  • The friendly atmosphere and the clarity and realistic appearance of the screen layout. The opportunity to meet other members at reunions etc.

  • special comps with no extra charge.

  • By far the majority of members are more polite than any other online bridge club in which I have played. Also, disabling the ability to leave in the middle of a hand is very good.

  • Positive sense of community. Positive ethics. Protection from junk.

  • Visually it is a very easy site to use and therefore a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • The ethics system is good

  • I think it is like a face 2 face club where you can see a lot of familiar names. It is not like the really big online clubs where you never see the same people twice. I think it has a very friendly atmosphere.

  • Most aspects of software and management are very good except for very occasional rude members most are freindly and civil!

  • It just WORKS. Always.

  • the support team ..excellent response to queries great coaching support

  • The Ethics procedures and ratings.



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