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The Individuals ("Indys") are ideal for playing in if you like playing with a number of partners in a relatively short single event. The Individuals take place on every day.

COMING NEXT Opens Closes Opens In
OPEN Individual Tuesday July 23 18:50 PM Tuesday July 23 22:30 PM 12 hours 0 mins
OPEN Individual Wednesday July 24 13:50 PM Wednesday July 24 17:30 PM 1 day 7 hours 0 mins
OPEN Individual Thursday July 25 18:50 PM Thursday July 25 22:30 PM 2 days 12 hours 0 mins
OPEN Individual Friday July 26 17:50 PM Friday July 26 21:30 PM 3 days 11 hours 0 mins
OPEN Individual Saturday July 27 19:20 PM Saturday July 27 22:58 PM 4 days 12 hours 30 mins
SUN Individual Sunday July 28 15:50 PM Sunday July 28 19:30 PM 5 days 9 hours 0 mins
OPEN Individual Monday July 29 13:50 PM Monday July 29 17:30 PM 6 days 7 hours 0 mins

Auto Movement Description

All the Indys comprise two sessions of 9 boards each. When you play the first session of 9 boards you are committing yourself to staying for the second session of 9 boards. Please do not start to play in the event and then abandon it mid-way through.

In the 1st session each player at the table plays 3 boards with each other player at the table, being auto moved by the Server. When the 1st session of 9 boards has been played, players are seated at their Session 2 tables and start play when the table is full, as in Session 1 the players are auto moved by the Server.

Should you find that for 3 boards your partner does not play your system and you don't usually play his/her system, then we suggest that a compromise system is quickly and amicably agreed. It should be something like WNT, 5 card majors, stayman, red suit transfers, weak twos in the majors and double for t/o of pre-empts.

Try playing in the "Indys" at BCL - you might very well enjoy it and is a great opportunity to meet new players and, who knows, build a new partnership?!

See Auto Individual Movement for more details