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The Bridge Club Live affiliate system is designed to provide payment to anyone who advertises our services on a web site or via an email link, that results in a new member. A full accounting history is provided to each affiliate to monitor and track their effectiveness. We welcome you!

Mode of Operation

Each affiliate has a private account with us that monitors each time their link is pressed and right through until that person purchases a membership with us. Even if they join some weeks after, their original link to you as an affiliate will be remembered and logged. Only Bone-Fide members can be affiliates.

Rates & Payment details

  • An Affiliate must be a current member of Bridge Club Live.
  • Our affiliate program applies an introductory commission rate of 15% to ALL membership types that are listed in our Membership Shop as shown HERE.
  • The Affiliate % is subject to change without notice but we guarantee this introductory rate to apply until 1st March 2009.
  • We pay out for the preceeding 3 month's fees generated by each affiliate, the following month.
  • We can pay out in the form of a BCL Shop Coupon which can be used to offset against purchases of anything in our shop, including reunions, cards, books, membership etc.. The coupon amount must be less than or equal to the item being purchased - no refunds are given to part used coupons. The coupons have no intrinsic value on their own.
  • Coupons can be transferred in their entirety to anyone the affiliate chooses.
  • Coupons can be sent by email and can make a nice gift or a gesture.
  • You may request multiple coupons to be issued ( all at the same time) in order to create smaller value coupons to be used in our Shop
  • The minimum payout is £20 by cheque ( to cover admin costs & postage anywhere in the world) - all cheques payable in UK£ drawn on a UK bank - the recipient is responsible for any bank charges associate with encashment. Cheque payments can only be made out to valid and current members, at their registered address.

Registration & Activation

(1) Go HERE to register as an affiliate or to Login if already registered.

(2) Make a note of your affiliate number ( and your password to allow future login to see your personal account)

(3) Create an Image (we provide our recommended image below for you to download) and Link this image in your own web site to this URL with the format such as: "" where "n" is your affiliate number.

(4) Also or alternatively, for maximum exposure - you can place a line in your email footer or signature similar to this: "Why not take a look at Bridge Club Live for great online bridge!" Again, make sure you put your affiliate ID in the underlying URL Link in your email.

(5) Now spread the word - you will be amazed once you start getting members - the club with benefit and so will you! A real Win Win situation.


Image - This is how it might look on your web site

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