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DIDO IMPS Tourney - All times shown are GMT

*** 4th October 2010 Update The boards to qualify is now 16 boards (Previously it was 18 boards)

The Dido IMPs Tourney is a 'Drop in Drop out" tournament where one can play at any time to suit you and partner and NOT at a fixed time. Using the BCL Dido movement there is the added bonus of very little waiting between hands during much of the day.

The Dido IMPs Tourney allows members across the world to take part in a pseudo movement tourney which very realistically approaches a real life tournament but at the time most convenient to them. One can play just 4 boards at a time as the Dido IMPs Tourney is truly Drop-in Drop-out. Also one can play with different partners at different times.

A Ladder for all those members who gain DIDO IMPs Points (DIPs) will be updated weekly and will accumulate all DIPs earned using a 'decaying' function so that the most recent points count the most in the same way as the Dido Tourney Ladder. This is designed so that new players can gain a place on the Ladder as previous high scorers, who do not gain more DIPs, drop down the Ladder thus giving this opportunity.

How it works

A member enters the Dido IMPs Room in the normal manner, take a seat with his/her partner or advertise for or invite a partner and then play a Dido IMPs Tourney match of 4 boards

The member will be able to play as many of the 64 boards as he/she wishes during the course of a deal with the same partner or many different partners but he/she will never play more than 4 boards against any other member during the same deal.

Those members who have arranged to play with a particular partner should enter the room and anchor their partner by using 'Set as Partner', whereas those members without a prearranged partner will need to use 'Find a Partner' and/or 'Invite a Partner' before applying 'Set as Partner' to the partner that they've teamed up with.

How it is scored

Any member who plays 16 boards or more, in the course of a Dido IMPs Tourney deal will qualify for the DIDO IMPs Tourney Leaderboard.

Obviously no member will be able to play a board twice, nor be able to play a board that he has kibbed. The scoring will be by Butler-scored IMPs and the position on the Leaderboard will be determined by Ranking Points arrived at by the following formula agreed after consultation with the CTD. The Total IMPs gained will be divided by the square root of the number of boards played. This formula means that a player who plays many more boards than the minimum 18 required to qualify will not be penalised. Simply expressed as:

Ranking Points = Total IMPs divided by square root of number of boards

The top quarter of the DIDO IMPs Tourney Leader Board will be awarded Dido IMPs Points (DIPs) on the approved scale used by BCL to issue OMPs in other movement events. Those members who qualify to receive master points through their National Bridge Organisation will receive them in the normal way.

Sample Results Barometers, Leaderboards and Ladders shown below: