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Payment Alternatives


This is SAFE & SECURE! We take great care and incorporate security policies to ensure the very safest and easy method of payment via the web using a traditional shop/checkout system. (See HERE for our list of Memberships). The benefit to you is that your membership is automatically updated within minutes!

  • We use respected secure payment servers - BARCLAYCARD or PayPal. Using these services provides you a secure transaction with confidence and a full transaction confirmation immediately by email.
  • We do NOT keep Credit Card Details anywhere in our offices or computer systems.
  • We do NOT automatically renew memberships except if these are setup via PayPal. We give you plenty of advance email warning. This avoids any possible misunderstanding and excessive admin costs.
  • PayPal also process a wider range of country specific cards and American Express. If you select PayPal when you check out, you will be shown a range of cards you can use. You do NOT have to become a member of PayPal to use their Card payment services.

New - as of October 26, 2017

2) Fast - Electronic Bank Payments in local currency for GB£ - Euro - US$ - AU$

We list below our Company's International Bank Details which provides the option for direct electronic bank payment for memberships in one of the above 4 currencies. In all cases, this will enable you to remit your local funds at very low or nil cost from your own banking system either from your computer or at your bank - just like you do to pay your household bills etc.

This is fast, safe and secure as you only deal with YOUR bank and no-one else!

Our Currency calculator allows you to select the amount in UK£ by entering this into the UK£ Currency Box according to your membership requirements and then remit the corresponding local currency as shown.

What you see is what you pay and not a penny/cent more! The rates shown are mid-market and far cheaper than Credit Card conversion rates - thus you will pay the least amount in your local currency using this method.

We pay ALL the Transfer costs - you pay Nothing Extra!

We will automatically be advised as soon as your payment is made.


For UK members, we accept LOCAL payments in UK £ Pounds by FREE Fast Bank Payment as follows:


56 Shoreditch High St
London E1 6JJ
United Kingdom

Account Name: The International On Line Bridge Club Limited

Bank Sort Code: 23-14-70
Account # :20433221

Please quote:
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For EUROPEAN members, we accept LOCAL payments in EUROS as follows:


Deutsche Handelsbank
Südliche Münchner Str. 2

Account Name: TW The International Online Bridge Club Limited

IBAN: DE85 7001 1110 6050 3928 38

Please quote:
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For US/DOLLAR members, we accept LOCAL payments in US$ as follows:

US $

19 W 24th Street
New York 10010 

Account Name: The International On Line Bridge Club Limited

Account Number: 8310024105
ACH Routing: 026073150
Wire Routing: 026073008

Please quote:
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For AUSTRALIAN members, we accept LOCAL payments in AU Dollars as follows:


800 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000  VIC 

Account Name: The International On Line Bridge Club Limited

BSB: 082-182
Account #: 454028428          

Please quote:
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3) By Telephone

Our UK Main Office (London): +44 (0)1892 750 453 We can take Credit Card Details over the phone if you do not wish to use any form of Internet Banking or Payment method.

4) Cheques

  • Since January 1st 2015, we no longer accept foreign currency cheques of any kind. (eg US$ cheques drawn on a USA Bank)
  • We can only accept UK£ cheques drawn on a UK Bank, or sterling Cashier's cheques - posted to our Office Address
  • Please make sure cheques are payable to The Intl Online Bridge Club Limited