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Chat Guide

It is really important to remember that all chat must be polite. We are very proud of our friendly atmosphere and do not tolerate rudeness, swearing or aggression. We have a Code of Conduct and members are asked to read and respect that.

At the bottom of your screen, you can see two white windows. The top one is the “incoming chat”. It will show you general messages from other people as well as messages to you. The one at the bottom is the “outgoing chat” where you type your words, when ready to send use the return key.

On the right hand side, there are three small buttons with drop-down tabs:




Ignore for the time being


the drop-down menu enables you to reply to a particular member who sent a message

From the drop-down menu “Talk”:


your message is sent to ALL members in the club who are not sitting at a full table


your message is sent to all those kibitzing (=watching a table in play)

Kibitzers at Table

your message is sent to all those watching the same table you do. It isn’t visible to the four players.


your message is sent to all those lurking in the particular room you are in


This is some sort of safety-lock. You might well want to select it and keep your Talk-Menu set on “Self” as it will prevent you from sending a message by accident.


your message is sent to all the players you either

a) watch (kibitz): Please note that it is important that kibitzers do not disturb players or offer comments during or even after the game or

b) play with: When you are at a table, chatting, discussing hands and systems, make sure that “Table” appears next to the TALK button. This places your chat in front of every one, you will not need to inform opponents what system you’ve agreed to play with your partner.

A particular player

The top section of your screen shows several buttons. Select “Members” and there the last one “Show All Members Sorted By Room”. Before sending a private message to a particular player, this filter will enable you to make sure that your chat will NOT disrupt a table in play.

In all cases it is wise to check that your chosen destination for chat is showing opposite your typed words, before clicking to send.

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