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Joining a Table

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  1. Find a table with an empty seat, click on it and you are in!

  2. Type a short - 'Hello - may I join?' in the chat bar and just click on the return button.

  3. Usually you will be made welcome. Sometimes, the answer may be 'No'. Perhaps the player is waiting for a particular member to join or the table may be closing.

  4. You will be able to see the profiles of all the other people at your table. Just click on their nametag to do this.

  5. Before you click 'ready to play', agree your system with your partner. Usually this will be simple and fast especially when the profiles are filled in carefully.

  6. Make sure you use the 'return' key to chat to your partner and your opponents (opps) will be able to follow your discussion.

  7. As in face-to-face bridge, you may not ask details of system after the cards appear.

  8. At this early stage, we advise that players do not chat DURING the auction or the play (in between hands is fine).

  9. One exception to the 'no chat during play' is of course when an alert is made and requires an answer or if the opponents ask you about your partner's bid. Then of course you must answer.

  10. We emphasise that our club is about friendly bridge and we ask our members to be very careful not to be aggressive or offensive. Think twice - before typing a remark that may be mistaken for rudeness - simply because the listener cannot see you smile or hear you laugh.

  11. At the end of a hand, if someone has played well - it is good to say 'wd opps' (well done opps) or 'wdp' (well done partner), 'hlp' (hard luck partner) is another often used as is 'blo' (bad luck opps). However, we try not to be automatic with such simple chats as they tend to lose their value.

  12. Although, wishing partner 'gl' (good luck) when you show your dummy and saying 'typ' (thank you partner) when as declarer you see the dummy, are expected.

  13. When you wish to stop playing, it is helpful and nicer to tell everyone at the start of your last hand - ' Thnx all - my last now ' or 'Must leave after this/the next/hand. Thnx all'

  14. Make sure that all four hands are on show and that the scores have registered on the screen before you say your final 'bye all' to the table and click on Leave Table/are you sure/yes ……and go.

  15. Do NOT leave the club without having left the table first.