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Kibitzing a Table

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How to enter the club and spectate a hand Click here Click here
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1. Before playing yourself, you might wish to first watch a few hands, to get a feeling for the layout of the table here in BCL

2. Look at the tables on display on your screen and select a full table

3. Click on the name/alias of one of those 4 players, you will then be offered two possibilities:

a) Spectate this table from the North (South, East or West)

This will give you a full view of the table, all 4 hands are visible

b) Kibitz "XYZ"

The cards of "XYZ" are visible only

4. Almost the same rules apply as they do face-to-face:

a Arrive quietly

b) Wait until the hand is over before saying hello/may I kib for a while.

c) Never comment on any aspect of the 'action' unless specifically invited to do so.

d) Of course, never say anything at all, during the board itself.

5. In our club, we have a facility that enables kibitzers to chat amongst themselves without being 'heard' by the players at the table. Just send your chat to 'KibitzersAtTable'.

6 You've watched a few hands, you want to play yourself? Click on 'Lv-Table' on the top Menu, confirm by moving your mouse down to 'Are you sure?' and click on the 'Yes' which will then appear.The next page of this guide will briefly remind you what to do before joining or starting a table.