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Playing a Hand

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  1. ..Say hello to the other players, agree a bidding system with your partner, and then press “Ready to Play”

  2. Choose a bid from the bidding box, the bid will appear as text, then click once on the new text to confirm

  3. The bid will appear in the bidding area and it is the next person’s turn to bid..

  4. ..Bidding continues..

  5. When the auction is over, the contract is shown on the right and time for defence to make the lead

  6. Move the mouse to point to the card that you wish to play and click once - the card will be moved up..

  7. once more to confirm you wish to play that card

  8. Continue playing the cards by selecting the card and clicking to confirm..

  9. At the end of the hand, the score is shown and a history of the bids, cards played is shown along with the frequencies of scores on other tables

  10. Click “Ready to Play” to play the next hand

  11. "That’s all there is -..."