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Starting a Table

  1. If you want to start a table with a name of your choice, click on Start Table and follow the links. First you will write a table name.

  2. Obviously it must not be offensive or in any way rude, some do not bother with a name at all - and simply sit in a chosen direction - N S E W. When you are comfortable - click on the 'Advertise ' button that will appear on the right hand side of your screen.

  3. This will give you options: Player/Partner/Opponents/2 players/3 players wanted. Click on the one that you need and everyone who is in the club, but not yet playing, will see an auto-message from you. As the table fills up, the options available automatically reduce.

  4. When a partner arrives, you may say 'hi' 'welcome' any simple and friendly chat. Also as opponents arrive - make them welcome too.

  5. After a brief discussion of your systems - the game will begin when everyone has clicked 'READY'.

  6. Enjoy your game.

  7. When you wish to stop playing, it is nicer and helpful to tell everyone at the start of your last hand - '‘Thnx all - my last now “ or “Must leave after this/the next/hand. Thnx all'.
  8. Make sure that all four hands are on show and that the scores have registered on the screen before you say your final 'bye all' to the table and click on Leave Table/are you sure/yes ……and go.

  9. Do NOT leave the club without having left the table first.