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Face2Face (F2F) Club Sessions

This is an optional extra for any club to be able to host their OWN TOURNAMENTS on their OWN SERVER with just their OWN MEMBERS at a Session Time to suit you.

Hosted on a dedicated server with a Lobby and a Tournament Room with a fully automated Tournament movement for as little as 3 tables or more.

Our F2F Online Club Sessions are available for all clubs who register.
Book a Dedicated F2f Online Session Slot for your Club here. A small, once only, setup fee is required.
See our NOTES for TD's and Club administrators
See our FAQ's
See all the Session Results on our BridgeWebs Site


A flexible Room Opening time within the Session Slot.
Choice of the Seating Time
Choice of the number of boards to be deal.
Choice of the maximum number of tables to be available
A Zoom like Audio/Video Chat facility for all 4 at a table plus a Director, if needed. (coming soon in November)
An output file of each Session in a Universal XML format that can be set to autoupload or be available after each session for display by any compatible Results system such as BridgeWebs or Pianola
Each Club Session Slot is a weekly commitment that repeats.

Not Included

Any ethics or technical help support within your club rooms (these are provided in the main BCL Club rooms)
We do NOT log any chat in the Club rooms.

What does it cost?

It is totally free for your Club without any ongoing costs other than a once only, initial server session setup fee of £100/Session Slot - (this includes 2 subsequent setup changes)

However, all your club players must be a full member of BridgeClubLive. (Of course, they then get a full range of unlimited play and teaching facilities outside you club session times)

As a club, you can make private financial arrangements to members on a session basis to suit your needs. You will also be responsible for all your Affiliation and UMS fees to the EBU or other national Bridge Organisations that you are connected to.


1) Read the Requirements to get listed here on our Press Release

2) Get your club listed - FREE - email

3) Book your Club for a Virtual Session - £100/Session setup - Book here


Sessions times? Time shown are in UK local time.

Tournament Start Times can be set by each club within the SLOT time shown

[SLOT 1] - 0900-1300 Morning
[SLOT 2] - 1300-1800 Afternoon
[SLOT 3] - 1800-2300 Evening
[SLOT 4] - 2300-0900 International Zones

Tournament Type and Results

The Club Tourney Room is based on the tried and trusted Auto-Movements used in BridgeClubLive. The maximum number of tables will be established as part of each club's F2F Online Session Setup.

The movements are special types of Howell, so, for example,  with three tables you would have five rounds with the first three rounds being 4 boards each and the last two rounds being five boards each.
With 4 tables, for example, you would have seven rounds with three boards each except the last round would be four boards.
If you have fewer boards, the rounds will be a bit shorter and if you have more boards, the rounds will be a bit longer.
With larger numbers of tables, the tables are grouped into mini-clusters of either three, four, five or six tables.
The tables are sorted according to table number and selected based on this order. Where two pairs are merged into one table, usually the lower numbered table is chosen.
Within each section you will follow a Howell Movement and some boards are arrow-switched.
At the end of each round, the server will tell each pair where it will play and against whom.
Typically there will be 18 - 24 boards Dealt and the Tourney starts 10-15 minutes after the Club Session opens giving time for all players to sit down as pairs. The tourney ends 15 minutes BEFORE the Session Slot time end.

How does it work?

10-15 minutes (the seating time) after the room opens the server counts the number of full tables.
If there are three or more tables, then auto-movement is confirmed and play can commence.
If there are less than three tables, then the session is cancelled.
Once you have started board 1, the server will announce after each round at which table you will be next playing and against who then move you automatically to the next table.
Players cannot join the event once auto-movement is confirmed 10-15 minutes after the room opens (unless a player/table requires a substitute).
It doesn’t matter what combination of likely tables and number of boards you have.

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