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November 2018

The following hand was played at the Teams event at the EBU Summer Congress at Scarborough this Summer. I was South, vulnerable against not. After East dealt and passed, I opened 1NT. Partner transferred me to spades and raised to 4S.

I received a club lead to CA and a heart switch which I took in dummy to keep flexibility between the hands. I cashed my two top spades and when East showed out on the second round, the deal suddenly became a candidate for Hand of the Month!


  J 9 8 7 6 3   
  A K J  
  K Q 8    
West   East
Q 10 5 2    4
6 4 2    10 8 7 5
9 5 3   A 7 4 2
8 6 2   A Q 9 3
  A K   
  Q 9 3   
  J 10 6  
  K 10 7 5 4   


It looks like I must lose two trumps in addition to the two minor aces. West will just sit and wait for his two trump tricks to come to him. The way to counter this is to get to the following two card ending with the lead in the South hand at the start of Trick 12.


J 9


Q 10

Whatever I lead, West must ruff. Whatever he ruffs with, my SJ will take his S10 either this trick or the last trick.

Getting to this ending is the interesting bit. To ensure that the lead at Trick 12 is from my hand, I must reduce the trumps in dummy to the same length as West’s. This is known as a Trump Coup. So, at Trick 5, I ruffed a small club low in dummy. I led DK, taken by East who led another heart back which I could take with HQ. At Trick 8, I ruffed another small club low, and came back to hand with a diamond to D10. At Trick 10, I led CK and when West threw his last diamond, I threw DQ from dummy. At Trick 11, I led DJ and when West threw his last heart, I threw HK from dummy. Finally, I was at Trick 12 with the lead in my hand!

About 44 of the 49 tables played in 4S. It is a textbook Trump Coup and yet only 5 players made it. The 12 IMPs my team gained made it our best board of the day!

34 players from 9 countries at 8 tables
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