Terms of Membership & Cancellation Policy

  1. The International On-line Bridge Club [IOBC] provides bridge related services on an "as is" and "as available" basis to its members but gives no warranty as to the quality of such services.

  2. Bridge Club Live is the name of a bridge club fully owned and operated by IOBC and consists of its members.

  3. Membership to Bridge Club Live is by invitation extended by the Secretary on behalf of the Bridge Club Live Management Committee. Membership ceases when the invitation is withdrawn and this may be done at any time by notice from the Secretary and without the need for any reason to be given. Guests may be permitted to participate on a like basis.

  4. Any reunion organised by the IOBC for the members, is subject to the same terms and in particular, no member who has been suspended or expelled or subject to any disciplinary procedure, is permitted to participate unless expressly permitted to do so in writing by the Managing Director.

  5. IOBC expects Bridge Club Live members to fully comply with the Bridge Club Live Code of Conduct at all times.

  6. IOBC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone on the grounds of suspicious behaviour, rudeness, stalking or other similar such unfriendly behaviour.

  7. By signing up as a member, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

    • Your sole and exclusive remedy for any dispute with the IOBC is to stop using its products and services, and to cancel your account.
    • That the IOBC is not liable for any act or failure to act regarding conduct, communication or content on the service or use of products.
  8. Cancellation Policy - we provide a 30 day no quibble guarantee of our services ( from the time of purchase or renewal of a membership) and will refund in full should you request cancellation of your membership in writing/email to the Club. For up to 90 days (from the time of purchase or renewal of a membership, we will refund Pro Rata for only for those remaining whole months of the membership period remaining. After 90 days, there are no refunds except by exceptional agreement to mitigating circumstances by the managing director, whose decision is final.

  9. There are NO REFUNDS where a member is or has been involved in any ethics issue and elects to close their membership account, or where a member has their membership terminated as a result of an ethics issue.

  10. Multiple Membership Policy - You will NOT obtain an additional or concurrent membership of any type, whether by any alternative name, email address or personality, as this prejudices the ethical standing of your original membership. Any such membership, including the original membership, will be deleted without recourse or refund of any fees paid. This is considered a SERIOUS breach of our ethics policy.

  11. IOBC bears no responsibility for technical aspects beyond its immediate control. Members are responsible for ensuring that their own hardware (personal computer, phone, tablet, modem, etc.), software (operating system, internet browser, etc.) and internet connections (ISP's, cables, etc.) are all in working order

  12. All information located at IOBC web-sites is copyright material and remains the exclusive property of IOBC. Any member wishing to copy, re-use or distribute any such material beyond their personal consumption must obtain written permission from IOBC management staff in advance

  13. IOBC will respect every member's privacy as much as possible, but in certain instances, IOBC reserves the right to review the chat at a table, and any comments which members have made

  14. IOBC will not forward members' personal information to any third party, unless they provide written consent. IOBC agrees to abide by the standards required by the UK Data Protection Act with whom IOBC is registered under reference number ZA329883

  15. The law of England shall apply to these Terms and Conditions.

(Terms and Conditions of Membership as of June 7, 2018 )

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