NeXtGen Version Details

We list for reference the details of the current NeXtGen program

Version: 2.2.01  (released on 8th November, 2019)

  1. Design changes to the "Play Bridge" web page

New in earlier versions

Version: 2.1.21  (released on 9th October, 2019)

  1. Create Interim Incident Report

Version: 2.1.17  (released on 23rd August, 2019)

  1. Friends List [Add/Edit/Delete]

Version: 2.1.16  (released on 11th August, 2019)

  1. Improved Claim System
  2. Change Alias (Added August 15)

Version: 2.1.13  (released on 6th July, 2019)

  1. Left Right Cards horizontal

Version: 2.1.07  (released on 21th February, 2019)

  1. Options to move Chatout

Version: 2.1.06  (released on 18th February, 2019)

  1. Timer to ensure Last Trick shows for a sec or so

Version: 2.1.05  (released on 15th January, 2019)

  1. Tricks Won/Lost show in bottom card area as per Java

Version: 2.1.04  (released on 11th January, 2019)

  1. Select Invites/Adverts/DoNotDisturb modes ON/OFF before logging in
  2. Minor BugFix relating to Vulnerability borders not showing correctly in some situations

Version: 2.1.03  (released on 9th January, 2019)

  1. The table and room images have been improved
  2. A new setting to allow an alternative Vulnerability Border (For those that the modern vulnerability border does not display correctly)
  3. New settings to control the text that appears when a player is 'Ready', 'ToBid' , 'ToLead' or 'ToPlay'
  4. The Chat Options Setting to Increase the Chatin Text size is now saved in a cookie
  5. Easier to Spectate by clicking on Table Name and not just the eye Icon
  6. Easier to see spare seats by adding image of chair in those available positions
  7. To Enter the DIDO Tournament has been simplified

Version 2.2.xx

The following items are listed for future builds of this version.

  1. Player Status symbols [ bidding systems/seated/lurking/spectating/DND ]


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