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Master Points for online play - EBU/WBU

Master Points awarded at BCL

All BCL competitions that meet the regulations of the EBU Master Points Handbook attract EBU/WBU Local Points in accordance with the appropriate scales. These Master Points are full value, actual EBU Local Master Points and are treated as such towards EBU/WBU Master Point Awards. They are sent monthly to the EBU/WBU for each qualifying EBU/WBU member.

The DIDO Tourney is a special event for which, following EBU - BCL discussion, Paragraph 3.1.5 of the Master Point Handbook was specifically composed.

BCL, as an affiliated online bridge club, has been granted a Special Licence to award Master Points for the DIDO tourney. For each deal, we award DIDO Points to the top quarter of a final ranking list for each deal using the normal EBU scale. Even though this tourney does not meet the EBU "70% Rule", our Special Licence allows us to award Master Points at a rate of one quarter of the rate of DIDO Points.

Basis of awards.

Master Points are awarded in accordance with the scales provided in the green EBU Master Points Handbook.

The number of Master Points awarded for Tourneys is typically for the top third or top quarter of the field depending on the minimum number of boards required to qualify for the ranking list. The more players in an event, the higher the numbers of Master Points awarded.

Master Points are also awarded to certain special competitions such as Swiss Pairs or Teams events. Some of our Special Competitions are unique to BCL and under Paragraph 3.12.1 of the Master Points Handbook, some scales of awards have been agreed with the EBU.

Master Points are directly credited to your EBU account (or WBU if you are an Welsh Bridge Union member).

The submissions occur approximately 14 days after the end of the month to which the Master Points relate.

You can look up your EBU Master Point record by going to "My EBU" on the EBU web-site ( and you can drill down to see how many Master Points you have there that have been registered.

Updated May 19, 2019

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