Payment Alternatives


This is SAFE & SECURE! We take great care and incorporate security policies to ensure the very safest and easy method of payment via the web using a traditional shop/checkout system. (See HERE for our list of Memberships). The benefit to you is that your membership is automatically updated within minutes!

We use respected secure payment servers - BARCLAYCARD or PayPal. Using these services provides you a secure transaction with confidence and a full transaction confirmation immediately by email.

We do NOT keep Credit Card Details anywhere in our offices or computer systems.

We do NOT automatically renew memberships except if these are setup via PayPal. We give you plenty of advance email warning. This avoids any possible misunderstanding and excessive admin costs.

PayPal also process a wider range of country specific cards and American Express. If you select PayPal when you check out, you will be shown a range of cards you can use. You do NOT have to become a member of PayPal to use their Card payment services.

2) Cheques

We only accept UK£ cheques drawn on a UK Bank, or sterling Cashier's cheques - posted to our Office Address
Cheques are payable to The Intl Online Bridge Club Limited

3) Electronic Bank Payments

Local currency for GB£ - Euro - US$ - AU$

We list below, our Company's International Bank Details which provides the option for direct electronic bank payment for memberships in one of the above 4 currencies. In all cases, this will enable you to remit your local funds at very low or nil cost from your own banking system either from your computer or at your bank - just like you do to pay your household bills etc.

This is fast, safe and secure as you only deal with YOUR bank and no-one else!

Our Currency calculator allows you to select the amount in UK£ by entering this into the UK£ Currency Box according to your membership requirements and then remit the corresponding local currency as shown.

What you see is what you pay and not a penny/cent more! The rates shown are mid-market and far cheaper than Credit Card conversion rates - thus you will pay the least amount in your local currency using this method.

We pay ALL the Transfer costs - you pay Nothing Extra!

We will automatically be advised as soon as your payment is made.

4) By Telephone

Our UK Main Office (London): +44 (0)1892 750 453
We can take Credit Card Details over the phone if you do not wish to use any form of Internet Banking or Payment method.


56 Shoreditch High St
London E1 6JJ
United Kingdom

The International On Line Bridge Club Limited
Bank Sort Code: 23-14-70
Account # :20433221
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Deutsche Handelsbank
Südliche Münchner Str. 2

TW The International Online Bridge Club Limited
IBAN: DE85 7001 1110 6050 3928 38
Quote: "BCL MemberID"


19 W 24th Street
New York 10010 

The International On Line Bridge Club Limited
Account Number: 8310024105
ACH Routing: 026073150
Wire Routing: 026073008
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800 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000  VIC 

The International On Line Bridge Club Limited
BSB: 082-182
Account #: 454028428
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