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PRESS RELEASE - 16th March, 2020

(updated 21 June, 2020)


BridgeClubLive is adding ClubCentric facilities for F2F players whose clubs are closed and wish to play online.

  • Face2Face club bridge players who wish to continue playing bridge can do so online at BridgeClubLive.
  • Different membership types are available. Check here
  • Club Secretaries are now invited to Register their Club so their members can then add their Club affiliation to their Profile. Members can then continue playing as if in their club with their regular partner from the comfort of their own home.
  • The Main DIDO (DropinDropout) Tournament Room, for which a FULL membership is required, provides an automated movement to any partnership with a minimum commitment to 4 boards at each sitting. 96 boards are available throughout every day, and all players who complete 16 or more boards will appear on the next day's Leader Board. All boards are fully archived, and can be replayed at any time and compared with all others who have played the same board.
  • BCL has a code of ethics covering politeness and fair play which is actively enforced.
  • The club calculates a Past Performance Indicator for FULL members which allows players to track their form. The formula was developed by BCL and later adopted by the EBU as the basis of the National Grading Scheme.
  • As a CLUB FACILITY, a dedicated Ladder for each registered club lists the results for all those club members as a subset of the overall DIDO Tournament result. Each Club will have it's own single Web page with information, specific to that club and a list of players' ALIAS's who have registered online.
  • All the other regular tournament rooms including a social room are also available and additional features and a teaching area implemented, for details please see here.


Please note we are not creating multiple small individual isolated online clubs as parallel entities of your Face2Face (f2f) clubs with full movements and so on. It just isn't viable for either party due to the relatively low numbers of each f2f club in themselves.

HOWEVER, what you do get are a wide choice of full movement tournaments or just a social table with 96 boards per day dealt for you and your own club partner and/or oppos - scored for you and summarised for just your club members. Consider it like a screened off area in a large club with just your club members, all playing the same boards as other clubs in their own, similarly screened off area.

Click our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for more detailed answers.


  1. Club Secretaries must arrange to place a PROMINENT link on their own club web page that links to Bridge Club Live with any information they deem helpful to their member
  2. Register your Bridge Club by emailing with details of your club website and from an email address that should be showing on your club website, - please add a person to contact (with email address). We will validate this (Please WAIT up to 24 hours) and then your club will be live and listed.
  3. Until the end of 2020 it is totally free to register while we ramp up the facilities. (An Annual Fee/Club of £24 will then be chargeable)
  4. Give your members the Information and Link to BridgeClubLive and tell them to go to the "CLUBS" page which as visible from the Main Menu page of BCL under "Members -> Clubs" once the member is a current member of BridgeClubLive


  1. Go to the "CLUBS" page which is visible from the Main Menu page of BCL under "Members->Clubs". There you will see your other club members listed by ALIAS
  2. Play at any time of day or night in the DIDO room, and see your results specific to your partnership and other club members on the "CLUB" page.
  3. When online, you can now press a new 'LOCAL CLUB' button, and see just those members of your local club and whether they are online or playing or just waiting for a game.
  4. As a Social Member, you can play in our Social Room and in the Coaching Corner.
  5. When online, you can now press a new 'LOCAL CLUB' button, and see just those members of your local club and whether they are online or playing or just waiting for a game.