Supervised Practice

Online Supervised Practice is very like it is in your local club. Four people sit down to play and enjoy the game.

There is someone available in the room, who will come to your table when you are not sure what to do, when you get into difficulties, are not sure how to select a bid or plan your play. The idea is that you are 'helped' with that problem and then carry on playing unsupervised - until you or someone at your table - next needs some help or advice.

Of course, in your local club you would simply raise your arm and the first available Coach would come to your table. In OUR Supervised Practice Session/s, you just look to find a Coach who is not either sitting or kibbing at a table and send a brief chat message to that Coach; Help please - is enough.

Supervised Practice is open to current members. It is NOT Lessons.

All our coaches in Supervised Practice are current members of Bridge Club Live who volunteer to help others. They are all good players and some are bridge teachers. They all give their time and their help FREE OF CHARGE.

There are two Sessions per week. Each one lasts for approximately 90 minutes in Coaching Corner where we meet.

Session 1: Monday 0800 or 0900 GMT*
Session 2: Monday 2000 or 2100 GMT*

*Check your local time with the GMT clock on the website as the GMT times are seasonal and will always be 9am and 9pm local time in the UK.

Well done you!

You have arrived at Supervised Practice in BridgeClubLive.

We have a commitment to helping new players (newbies) as well as inexperienced players (no matter how long they may have been playing). So please do come along to our Supervised Practice Sessions and meet players from all over the world. Add to your bridge knowledge & experience, in a friendly and informal way with experienced members of our club on hand to help you.

On your Login Page there are many tabs full of information you may find helpful.

Take a look at:

Information/Bridge/Mis-Bids & Mis-Clicks

Take a look at the Ethics Pages so that you have an idea about the Club Rules (all good clubs have them) and also the 'DOs and DONTs. A little understanding of them will smooth the way for you if you encounter any difficulties. We hope you find the members here friendly and helpful and that soon you will feel very much at home!

Then, also look at:

Information/Chat Abbreviations

When you become a full member of our Club you will be able to take part in our special tournament for non-expert members.

The Improvers' Pairs Tourament is held on Wednesdays and Sundays and is known as the Improvers Tourney. 19.00 or 20.00 GMT depending on the time of year. It is open only to full members of Bridge Club Live who are either Clubs or Diamonds or who are not rated at all.

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