Current version Bridge Program - "NeXtGen"

Works on ALL PC's, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

Our newest program requires NO downloads or 3rd party systems to be installed on your computer.

It is accessed from the HOME page after logging in, by pressing the 'Play Bridge' button.


 Old version Bridge Program - "JAVA"

Works on Desktops and Laptops ONLY

The older JAVA version of BridgePlayer continues to work subject to ORACLE's operating system remaining valid.

If you need to re-install our program, click here and follow instructions.

JAVA must be installed on your computer, click here for the ORACLE website to get their latest version.

 Old version - "APPS"

The Apps stopped working on April 1st 2019

Our Tablet Apps for iPad and Android were withdrawn from the App Stores of Apple and Google last year and are no longer supported.

The NeXtGen version replaces all the old "apps" as it works on all tablets and smartphones.

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