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The Teaching Area

The Teaching Area has a similar layout to the main Club but is on a separate dedicated server. When you enter the Teaching Area, you arrive in another lobby from which you can access a Practice Room and several Teaching Rooms.

The Practice Room holds up to 24 tables and contains 24 random-dealt boards. It is set up in the same way as Coaching Corner in the Main Club.

Each Teaching Room ( RoomA, RoomB etc ) can accommodate up to 24 tables and up to 160 members (this is a flexible limit and can be raised).

Student Access

Teachers can send by email to their bona fide students, a full 7 day free trial in order to get familiar with the interface.

Members of the English Bridge Union (EBU) have a special one-time opportunity to sign up for a full 50 day free trial.

During this period, the student can then upgrade with a highly subsidised discount coupon to a Social or Full Membership for the duration of their course.

A 3 month Student Membership costs a nominal £0.99p - longer periods are also available.


Teachers who wish to take advantage of using the BridgeClubLive teaching area for their student must first register and/or get in touch with our Head teacher to get authorisation.

Teacher Registration

Authorised teachers can then book rooms in fixed 2 hour slots. There is no cost for teachers to use this facility other than they must be a current full member of BridgeClubLive.

Teacher's Upload

Once a teacher has been allocated a time slot, they will be given a code enabling them to use a special Board Uploader for that specific slot.

Board Uploader

A maximum of 32 boards can be uploaded. If fewer boards are contained in a particular PBN file, the system will pad these out to 32, and if more than 32 boards, only the first 32 boards will show.


Times & Schedules - UK Time

(last updated 4th Jan 2021) Get PDF file

Slot Times - 8 PER DAY

Slot 1 0100-0300
Slot 2 0400-0600
Slot 3 0700-0900
Slot 4 1000-1200
Slot 5 1300-1500
Slot 6 1600-1800
Slot 7 1900-2100
Slot 8 2200-2400

Sequence Summary

Where "Tstart" is the Slot START Time

Tstart-60 Deadline for Uploading a PBN file. (No Teaching Room Shows)
Tstart-30 Uploaded Boards placed in the room.(No Teaching Room Shows)
Tstart-18 Teaching Rooms are displayed but show as closed.
Tstart-15 Room opens for teacher and students to enter.
SLOT TIME Boards available to play.

Where "Tend" is the Slot END Time

Tend+20 Room closes.
Tend+21 Room is removed from view. (No Teaching Room Shows)