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The Teaching Area in BCL

The Teaching Area has a similar layout to the main Club but is on a separate dedicated server. It contains a Lobby, a Practice Room and several Teaching Rooms.
The Practice Room holds up to 24 tables and contains 48 random-dealt boards. It is set up in the same way as Coaching Corner in the Main Club and is open 24/7.
At present there are 6 Teaching Rooms, but this number can be increased if necessary. Each room can accommodate up to 24 tables and up to 160 members.
There is an integrated AudioVideo system in all the rooms in the Teaching Area.

Student Access

Approved teachers can provide a free subscription for bona fide students on their courses for a maximum of 1 year. Thereafter the normal subscription rates apply, including a special Student Subscription (£15/annum) for those under 18 or in full time education. Other discounts may be applicable at the time of membership renewal (e.g. our 'Low User" 50% discount, for those who play less than 500 boards in the main club in the preceding 12 months).

All our subscriptions allow UNLIMITED play and are NOT per session or per board.


Teachers who wish to take advantage of using the BridgeClubLive teaching area for their students must be full members of BCL and must first register and/or get in touch with our Head Teacher to get authorisation.

Teacher Registration

Authorised teachers can then book rooms in fixed 2 hour slots. There is no cost for teachers to use this facility other than they must be a current full member of BridgeClubLive.

Teacher's Upload

Once a teacher has been allocated a time slot, they will be given a code enabling them to use a special Board Uploader for that specific slot.
Boards must be in PBN format.

Board Uploader

A maximum of 48 boards can be uploaded at a time. If fewer boards are contained in a particular PBN file, the system will pad these out to 48, and if more than 48 boards, only the first 48 boards will actually load.
There is a PBN reader so you can check that the correct file has been uploaded in advance of your slot time.
Unless you overwrite those boards by uploading a new set, they will be available in that slot again the following week.

Room E of the Teaching Area offers Bridge Students the opportunity of Self Improvement; details available here


To book slots, further information on signing up students to the free trial, or other help, please contact the Head Teacher, Celia Jeal (alias Dulciana) at:

Times & Schedules - UK Time

(Timetable last updated 1st October 2021) Get PDF file

In UK time the daytime slots are: 1000 – 1200, 1300 – 1500, 1600 – 1800, 1900 - 2100

Because most of the teachers are UK-based, the slot times are anchored to UK time.  However, this is an international club so all Server times on the site are given in GMT. Please be careful and adjust for your local times.

Slot Times - 8 PER DAY

Slot 1 0100-0300
Slot 2 0400-0600
Slot 3 0700-0900
Slot 4 1000-1200
Slot 5 1300-1500
Slot 6 1600-1800
Slot 7 1900-2100
Slot 8 2200-2400

Rooms open 15 mins before the slot time starts and close 20 mins after it ends, so you effectively have use of the room for two and a half hours.
There is an informal teachers’ get-together on Zoom from 9 to 10 am UK time on the first Tuesday of the month, or more frequently when required.

Sequence Summary

Where "Tstart" is the Slot START Time

Tstart-60 Deadline for Uploading a PBN file. (No Teaching Room Shows)
Tstart-30 Uploaded Boards placed in the room.(No Teaching Room Shows)
Tstart-18 Teaching Rooms are displayed but show as closed.
Tstart-15 Room opens for teacher and students to enter.
SLOT TIME Boards available to play.

Where "Tend" is the Slot END Time

Tend+20 Room closes.
Tend+21 Room is removed from view. (No Teaching Room Shows)