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BCL Unsolicited Testimonials

Just some of our unsolicited testimonials over the years.

The various competitions are a real bonus for the club.

Good standard of bridge and more specifically I have learnt an awful lot

How well organized it is and the efforts made by the "team" to constantly improve and refine every aspect.

The strict rules of behaviour and many other sites are rude and people leave when confronted with a hand in a bid that is unmake able or who are just snotty. The standards of this club are elevated and respected and need to be maintained. The technical support is top-notch. The Directors are nice people too.

BCL is efficient, helpful, friendly with a good atmosphere.

A real "family" feeling and lovely friendships are to be made. Rudeness and bad manners are discouraged.

It really is a friendly club

I love the ease and depth of viewing historical hand information. It is the best learning tool for partnerships I have ever met and I thank you wholeheartedly. I am sure you have contributed greatly to my personal achievements in the 'real' world. Thank you!

The Club (almost family!) atmosphere that is fostered - in sharp contrast to the other online bridge sites that I have tried. 2 The opportunity to play with some great partners and develop my bridge with some excellent coaching that has been on offer to me too here. 3 The ethos of an ethical and friendly club that is well managed and exemplified at the reunions, and on the lively Comment board so rich in humour and variety.

When I chose it there was no PPI, I probably wouldn’t have joined if there had been - but I just have to put up with that as I enjoy the company so much:-))

I love the ability to go over hands played by myself and others,, I go over my good and bad boards almost every day,, this beyond anything I feel helps to improve my understanding of the game,, thanks for that

My friends at the club... Most members are nice and friendly, and I enjoy not only playing Bridge, but playing Bridge "with" them...

The people you meet the fairness of the club the membership fee.

BCL is friendly, and more like a club than other sites, and the fact that the club tries to keep cheating (and other ethical problems) under control.

The variety of competitions and different methodologies used by various players builds one's skill level.

The ability to look at the results later and LEARN!!!!!!

Insistence on good manners and ethical behaviour

BCL has a great interface, easy to use and very reliable.

Meeting people from UK & other countries, both online & at reunions

I appreciate the usually good nature of most players and the challenging play.

Personally I like the Social aspects of the club. I come here to relax, and most times I do!

BCL is easy to use. I have the ability to make friends and partnerships with members from all over the world. More personal and like a club than others

Well organised has attracted on the whole very nice people. Myself in particular have been very pleased about coaching corner and the help and support from the on line coaches. It has helped me a lot.

The software makes it easy to play and chat and the results service is excellent

Thanks for providing a great place to play bridge

Your club is extremely well organized and run

BCL provides the ability to find some really good partners of a very high standard and to have an absolutely fantastic and challenging game of bridge playing against really good opponents. The Swiss Pairs is really super for this in later rounds.

I enjoy all aspects — it is friendly, well run & very enjoyable.

Being able to look at details at the hands that I have bid and played and also to look at what others have done with those hands.

best interface, good players, all the juniors are here!

The ability to look at hands afterwards and see every play be every player on every board. What an awesome learning opportunity!

Much more user friendly software than OK Bridge. Each time I have returned to BCL because your software is so much more user friendly. Part of this may be because I use a Mac, and OK Bridge admits to not being "Mac friendly".

It feels like a "real" club with real people.

There are many generous and excellent players who are willing to share their experience. I have learned a lot from those able to help others.

Good software and excellent archival, and friendliness amongst Club Members.

High majority are most courteous which is more than can be said for the USA sites

software and organisation, archive results and playback

Opportunities for social gatherings, plus a usually high standard of polite and friendly behaviour. The Comment board is also a good feature.

there is a personal quality - hard to describe. The experience always seems relaxed and even though I have had a few unpleasant experiences it is a welcome addition to my life. Thanks for maintaining this positive environment.

Tried others!!! Joined it to play acol - can still manage to

Made a lot of friends. No quitters by and large. Taken seriously.

Bridge & the wonderful atmosphere among members positive attitude, friendly, sticky notes,

Friendly Not too many members Excellent interface,scoring,archives Something for all levels of ability

It still has the feel of a local bridge club. There are enough tables in play usually to have somewhere to play, without being overwhelmed by too many. The comments board adds to the feeling that I know some of the other players - I even enjoy the spats that break out, as it makes everyone seem more human!

The totality in what's been offered. This is a society where you can make friends. The comment board is an important part of this society. The club takes its role as a society seriously, and arrange reunions and different types of gatherings. This is important to let members feel that they are members to more than just another bridgeclub

I have to say the the gracious and patient way in which experienced and skilled members interact with us less experienced players takes away a lot of my anxiety and self-consciousness about playing in the club and makes most sessions enjoyable and very educational

I am able to meet mostly very nice people who play btidge at varying standards without moving out of my home

The sotware actually works

1.Love the coaching corner(when i can get there).Very informative, helpful,encouraging and friendly. 2.Like the comment board to read but not post.Enough clever/foolish/funny/boring,Attila's/Saints without my tuppenceworth.:))) 3.The fact that you do have polls to get feedback to improve the club.

I feel at home here.

I feel I belong

Discplined and good players are available to play.

The management team actually LISTENS which is rare and valuable!

MOST players are very friendy and helpful, but you do get the odd one that is a *******

Quality of clientel, ability to send in an ethics report, committed management that care. 'Good feel' software.

My bridgeplay has improved tremendously and I have made many friends

Cheap, nicer people than those met in F2F , convenient , no travel, in and out when one wants to Refreshment whenever one needs any

The fee, which ensures that only bona fide bridge players sit at the tables. other people

I feel welcome here. I can play any time. I meet many interesting people. My bridge is improving because I have an interested regular partner and also some of the better players will be helpful. I also get the chance to welcome and be helpful towards the less experienced players.

After almost 10 years with the club, I feel I know the other members and the staff of the club. This familiarity makes me feel more comfortable while in the club.

Management support and the constant search for improvement - full marks for both these.

Regular tournaments, usually more friendly games, players do not jump in and out like on other bridge sites.

It is user friendly and efficiently run

lots of regular players to get to know to enhance the 'club' feel. many players of high standard. good, reliable software.

The extent I have been able to enjoy and greatly improve my bridge with the pleasant partners I have met here 2 Great coaching from good players who have given their time so freely to offer this to a high standard 3 The efforts made to arrange special comps and reunions for our enjoyment 4 The concept of fair play and ethical standards set here vs other sites. 5 The layout of the screen and tables - easy and not too noisy to the eye vs other sites 6 The general international club atmosphere, and the involvement and interest of members to help make it even better! 7 Not least, the lively CB and its daily dose of good humour:-) Thank you!

Comment board!

Friendly, pleasant atmosphere - yes, even though it is online, there IS an atmosphere!

Special Comps are excellent now that most events are 'flighted'. Everyone can enjoy playing at their level - no embarrassing bunny bashing or terrifyingly no-win matches. Tourneys are great!

The friendly atmosphere and the clarity and realistic appearance of the screen layout. The opportunity to meet other members at reunions etc.

special comps with no extra charge.

By far the majority of members are more polite than any other online bridge club in which I have played. Also, disabling the ability to leave in the middle of a hand is very good.

Positive sense of community. Positive ethics. Protection from junk.

Visually it is a very easy site to use and therefore a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The ethics system is good

I think it is like a face 2 face club where you can see a lot of familiar names. It is not like the really big online clubs where you never see the same people twice. I think it has a very friendly atmosphere.

Most aspects of software and management are very good except for very occasional rude members most are friendly and civil!

It just WORKS. Always.

the support team ..excellent response to queries great coaching support

The Ethics procedures and ratings.

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