Voice Broadcast & Conference

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How to use on a Desktop PC

Click the large blue loudspeaker ICON above to login . A new web page or tab will open with this Menu at the top.

On the left of this menu, you will see a small green loadspeaker icon showing combined with an "x". This indicates your microphone is muted and may need to be setup to match your computer. Click this icon and follow instructions. As soon as you unmute your microphone, you will be entered into the audio room.

Once you are setup and the audio working, you can subsequently return to the BCL page/s and continue with your bridge.

How to use an App

If you have smartphone or tablet - you can use the App for ease of use - simply install "Join.Me" from the App store.

When asked for a meeting code, use the number: 600-965-400.

Then press the microphone ICON at the bottom of the screen, to turn on your MIC and you will get a confirmation that you have been joined into the conference.

Audio Broadcasts

This is an evaluation facility to have a HOST (Teacher or Commentator) at a table or event, who can speak to all participants and participants can respond.

Currently we are trialing "Join.Me" and previously we trialed "CleenFeed".

This feature is currently under test with a few volunteers to test the quality and ease of connection. It relies on a good connectivity to the internet and the user must have an audio system operational on their computer or device - this is their reponsibility.

Current Time - GMT

Please note: BST Summertime in UK is +1hr ahead of GMT

Broadcast Schedule

Every Monday @ 0800 GMT ( 0900 BST) - Dulciana's Supervised Practice

19 players from 6 countries at 3 tables
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