Come and join 191 REAL people from 24 countries who are playing bridge online at 42 tables right now. We NEVER use robots! We are one of the world's most experienced Online Bridge Clubs - and, we've been doing it for over 20 years! Bridge4Free is our free playing room for anyone to try.

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Key Features

NeXtGen is our newest, fastest and most reliable bridge program that even returns you to your exact place at the table if the Internet drops or you change devices - it's that clever!

Bridge4Free (Guest) Room

• Daily Tournament with a Barometer and Daily Ladder to see your results.
• Realistic "instant score" at the end of each hand based on REAL play at least 30 times
• Free? - You MUST BE KIDDING? - No we are not - any day, every day, 24 free boards!
• Try it, we know you'll like it and want to move up to ...

BridgeClubLive Club Rooms

• Unique 24/7 “floating” drop-in-drop-out (DIDO) tournament
• Partnership System Cards filled out together pre-play
• Zero tolerance of Quitting or objectionable behaviour

• Suspicions of cheating investigated and confirmed cheaters expelled
• On-table report button enables “quit” board to be scored
• True “Club” atmosphere supports reunions around the world
• Free & extensive member forums
• Online Master Points issued for selected tournaments
• Unmatched flexibility and outstanding support
• Extensive post-play replay, card by card, all current & archived results
• FREE coaching by senior members

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Features Guest Social Full
Rooms Guest
Boards dealt 96 96/96 no limit
Board Limit / Member 24 no limit no limit
Kibitzing 1 All All
Leader Boards 1 1 Many
Tournaments 1 1 Many
Desk Top Tablet Apps
Social Play
Friends List
"StickyNotes" Member to member
Change your Alias
View Played Hands
View Archive Hands 
Ethics Monitoring
Zero-tolerance of Rudeness & Quitting
Reunions Social Get-togethers
Member's Support Forums
Daily Email of Personal Results
Tournament Archives
Tournament Leader Boards
Invite a Player to Join you
Simple System Disclosure
Tournament Director score adjustments
Rating & Performance charts
Leagues and K Tourneys
IMPs and MPs


Membership Play Types




£ 40/yr ($52)


£ 69 /yr ($93)

30 day 100% refund - our no quibble guarantee of satisfaction
Strict ethical and professional environment - that is what you are paying for!
Low users (<500 boards/year) get 50% off their next annual renewal. We play fair!
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191 members from 24 countries at 42 tables
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