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  Board Uploader

Follow the (5) Steps below, and then press the UPLOAD FILE button


4.  File  

5.  PIN for slot


After pressing the Upload File button, look for the large 'Success' Text confirmation below

General information

  • Teachers can Upload hand deal files to their allocated Time Slot.
  • Each file must be of a valid PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) format otherwise they will be rejected.
  • Uploads must be completed at least 1 hour but no more than a week before the booked slot.
  • Successful uploads will be notified just below the Upload File button with a large "SUCCESS!" text in Black on YELLOW. Errors or a faulty PIN are notified in the same text area.
  • You are responsible for the Quality of the PBN file, and despite thorough checks, corruption can cause the loss of rooms opening. Use our PBN File Viewer to check.
  • If the same set of hands and the same teacher use the same slot the following week, there is no need to upload the hands again, as the last set uploaded will be the set used.

Slot Times - 8 PER DAY Times in UK Times

Slot 1 0100-0300
Slot 2 0400-0600
Slot 3 0700-0900
Slot 4 1000-1200
Slot 5 1300-1500
Slot 6 1600-1800
Slot 7 1900-2100
Slot 8 2200-2400

PBN File Viewer

To ensure Files uploaded are successfully, it is helpful to view the file that has been uploaded by a teacher. A PBN viewer is located here, so you can spot check the file you have uploaded is in fact the file you want!

Upload your file first, then after a successful upload, select the slot you just uploaded to, and then check it as correct. You can view board by board as it will appear in the Teaching Room.

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