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Swiss Pairs League 2019B

Swiss Pairs League 2019B

Steve. & AndyHH win 2019B Div. A (closely followed by 1VP with alseq & Newk.)

Swiss Pairs League 2019A here

For Conditions of Contest click here 

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Each pair play one 18-board match in each round of 14 days with the actual date being arranged by Sticky note between the Captains (please read Conditions of Contest carefully in this regard). Any non-played match where it is deemed to have been the fault of neither side that the match could not be played at a mutually agreed time will be given an assigned score of 9-9 VPs and the match could be reassigned for the next round. Any concession of a match before play commences will be awarded 14-6 VPs to the non-conceding side. This will also be the assigned score to the non-offending side where one side is unable to agree a time to play the match given reasonable options by their opponents.

The one set of 18 Boards are only dealt once per fortnight. DO NOT spectate or kibitz any boards until you have played your match.

Substitutes should be used if necessary to ensure a match gets played although if a higher rated member is brought in then their opponents may request that their score is adjusted to compensate them. Please note that there is no designated 'default' day. Any pair that is considered the offending side in more than one match not being played could be withdrawn from the league.

Note that further guidance on unplayed and late matches can be found here .

The Conditions of Contest may be varied at any time by the Tournament Manager, in conjunction with the CTD, to facilitate the smooth running of the competition.

Queries by Sticky to SpecialComps (No space).  


Malcolm - Tournament Manager