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Timber Trophy

'TIMBER TROPHY' KNOCKOUT PAIRS 2019 Winners - Da Linkwent & Whoopsie ( same winners in 2018, 2017 & 2016) - see here )

The annual Knockout Pairs for the Timber Trophy is the toughest test of competitive bridge that BCL has on offer each year and is now our Annual MP Pairs Championship. Each round in the competition comprises a 21-board head-to-head match played in the Daily MPs Room.

Every pair will get to play at least two matches and all pairs will have to lose at least twice before being eliminated. Triangle winners are defined as Undefeated and 2nd and 3rd placed pairs are both described as OnceDefeated and have to lose again before they are eliminated.


For 1st/2nd Round  Matches click here
For 3rd Round  Matches click here
For 4th Round  Matches click here
For 5th Round  Matches click here
For 6th Round  Matches click here
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Please note that subsequent round matches in the OnceDefeated pool can only be posted after the the previous round has been completed to avoid pairs playing against each other more than once.

Conditions of Contest

For all the 'Small Print' (NB new section on obligatory SSDExtras), click here

Each round in the competition comprises a 21-board head-to-head match played in 
the Daily MPs Room (obviously not in Dido mode) every 14 days.

1. All matches must be played in the Daily MPs Room (NOT in Dido mode); should all 4 players play more than 21 boards in that deal, I shall need to be informed which 21 boards constituted their 'Knockout' match. However this creates a lot of work and one player in the four is asked to refrain from playing further boards in that Daily MPs Room deal.
2. Provided both pairs agree they may arrow switch after 10/11 boards; the rest of room is acts as par
3. The Winner 
MUST send Sticky to SpecialComps the following day after the deal has been completed
4. All matches should be arranged between the opposing Captains as early as possible 
5. A substitute may be used to ensure that a match is played
6. The Draw will be made by an online randomizer
7. Any problems please send Sticky to 

Note: In the event of a match not being played, the Tournament Manager's decision as to which pair progresses to the next round will be final; as will be the case in any other dispute.

Malcolm - Tournament Manager