TD & Club admin notes

TD & club Admin notes

These notes are to assist you in the use of F2F in your own club environment. The order of the notes is –


·         General

·         Club Website update

·         Downloading files from BCL/F2F

·         EBU P2P upload

·         Uploading results to you website (e.g. Bridgewebs, Pianola)

·         ECATs ( children in need).

·         Amending results in your scoring program (e.g. EBU pairscorer, Scorebridge).

·         TD notes

·         Club Admin notes

Comments or additions should be emailed to



All results are published on, either by clicking the relevant item on the right or selecting  “Results” in the left hand menu. However, clubs should use a combination of the steps below to upload to their own website.

The results are published within 5 minutes of the published time of the club’s slot closing. If your club is on bridgewebs and has supplied BCL with a scorer password then your club website will also be automatically updated.

Note that there is no facility for players to see current results or leader boards during the tournament.

Bidding and play records

The traveller for a given hand on bridgewebs has a play button for each result (NOT the “play it again” button).


Usebio.xml & Usebio.pure.xml

Usebio.xml files are a standard results format acceptable for both EBU P2P (and NGS) and webpage upload. contains a list of usebio xml files.

                    Usebio.xml  contains full data including the auction and cards played. It is NOT suitable for import into all scoring programs (latest EBUPairscorer is fine) .

                    Usebio.pure.xml is identical to Usebio.xml  .

For interest, if you left click an xml file in a browser, it should display a formatted list of the xml fields contained in that file.

Club web site update

BCL’s own bridgeweb site is . It will be updated 5-10 minutes after the slot close time. Master points will not be displayed.


There are 3 options to upload to your own bridgewebs site. Note that we will default to displaying the normal EBU charge code 10 Master point allocation.

1.       Email with your bridgewebs scorer password and let us do it for you, shortly after updating our own bridgewebs site!  (Note, Scorer password is defined in Bridgewebs/ Administration/Web Adminstration/Settings/Passwords ).

2.       Upgrade to bridgewebs  2.19o . Bridgewebs/ Administration/Results Adminstration/BCL Virtual allows you to easily select results as held on BCL’s server. NOTE – For the BCL tab to be displayed, you must have at least one calendar entry with “BCL” somewhere in the title or in the “Online Service” (so, once one entry has been successfully uploaded this should now be the case).

3.       Download the Usebio.xml and pbn  files as described below. Bridgewebs/ Administration/Results Adminstration now allows you to upload the usebio and pbn files.


To be written.


Downloading files from BCL/F2F


Go to . There is a list of files, similar to the following

10/2/2020  2:26 PM         8760 011020-5_ACES-4F3.pbn

 10/2/2020  2:26 PM        95144 011020-5_ACES-4F3_usebio.xml

 10/2/2020  2:26 PM        95144 011020-5_ACES-4F3_usebio_pure.xml

Your files are likely to be towards the bottom of the list (later clubs will end up after you).

In windows, right click each link in turn and select “Save link as”. You will be prompted to provide a directory and name to save the files. You will need the pbn and either of the xmls.

Apple & Android

See previous item on windows.

You may hit slight problems to do with how Apple and Android (and , in fact, Linux/Unix)) handle lines of data differently. It is to do with marking the end of a line with ctr-lf or something different .

See if you want more information.

More feedback appreciated, however it is likely that the downloaded xml file file can be used, even if you device cannot display it for you! You may need to rename and amend the file extension.

EBU P2P upload

The usebio.xml should be suitable for import to the EBU via My_EBU. Note that by default it is set to Charge Code 10 i.e. charge at club rate and update NGS. You may prefer to use charge codes 11 or 12 (see ).

Note – Children in Need is charge code 06 (No charge)

Player not found

When importing the xml, some players may not be found. The EBU NGS upload page should give you options to provide their EBU number, select a suitable name or set them as guest. The problem will not of course just go away  next time you do an upload.

You need to contact such players and ask them register their EBU number on BCL, see here , easily found from our BCL Help system by searching on EBU.

You can also check potential  problems in the USEBIO file as follows –

Open  the USEBIO xml  in notepad (for example) and do a repeated Edit/Find for “<NATIONAL” (no quotes) . All people with no  EBU number will cause you problems.

Minor amendments

You may be able to use a text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad) to make minor amendments to the xml file e.g.




Note – Windows Wordpad or Word will just corrupt the file!


Uploading results to your website


Go to your bridgewebs site, click “Administration” in left hand menu. It should default to “Results Administration”. Enter your scorer or administrator password.

It should now provide you various options under “Upload! Select “Choose File” against  “Select the Results File: “. Navigate to your xml downloaded previously. Select it.

Select “Choose File” against “Select the Deal File File: “. Navigate to your pbn downloaded previously. Select it.

Then click “Upload”. You may be prompted to select an event name if you have scheduled the event on your calendar) or a new event.

Note – you may need to use the “amend” tab if information has been uploaded previously.



Amending results

You may wish to amend the provided results (e.g. to adjust results or display EBU MPs). Do note that you may lose the auction and card play record produced by F2F. However you can always go to to display this data.

ECATs - Children in Need

ECATs and Children in Need Sim Pairs

Very simple!  Download your Usebio xml file.

Email it to , Subject line” nnnn England” (where nnn is  as per below) . Attach the usebio xml, no other text or other attachements needed.

Friday 06 November Session 3633

Monday 09 November Session 4136

Tuesday 10 November Session 5223

Wednesday 11 November Session 6143

Thursday 12 November Session 7521

Last but not least, for CIN, amend the usebio xml charge code to 06. See next section

Minor amendments

You may be able to use a text editor (e.g. Windows Notepad) to make minor amendments to the xml file e.g.




Note – Windows Wordpad or Word will just corrupt the file!

EBU pairscorer

Import usebio.xml into your EBU Pairscorer. Use Import/Export event in EBU Score. Then “Import from XML file”.

Make your amendments (e.g. adjusted scores).

Your normal pairscorer results upload can then be used to upload the results.

There is currently a minor bug in the EBU software –

1.       The Club ID number will need setting in Event Details/Club number.


There is an “Import USEBIO XML Data File” option under “Other”. You need to be on version R10.20.12.

Brian Bridge

Brian can be used to amend scores

1.       Go to . Select Account/Pricing to set up an account. Sign in

2.       Select “Settings” at top. Then Game Actions. Then “Import UseBio”. Then “Choose Files”. In the File selection box , select “All Files (*)”. Select your usebio.xml

3.       You may need to alter the date of the game.

4.       Then click “Finalize game”.

5.       Click “Upload/Download” at top , then EBU P2P on left.

6.       You may need to amend “EBU Charge code” and tick “Master Points?” Other fields might also need amendment.

7.       Then click download to store on your PC.

TD notes


As with normal face to face, it is recommended that you do have a designated TD for each session. Players then know who should be contacted with any problems. The TD should be listed on Bridgewebs for each session.


We now have available for ALL directors and administrators, a special flag that allows you to ChatTo>>Room  with all your members in the Tourney, seated or not - a great help when supervising the event. If you need this facility for one or more of your senior club members, please apply to to get this extra feature locked into your membership priviledges.


Sit-outs are not supported. The movement will just drop the last registered pair out of the event. Sorry, accommodating sitouts is far too complicated at the moment.

Slow play

As with F2F, if you have a pair that is significantly slower than the rest of the field, it is a bit of a pain. You are advised to ensure that all entrants are familiar with the environment beforehand. This means that they should already have bid and played several boards in the main BCL room (probably, Social) and are competent with the basic chat functions.

Do note that when a pair completes a round they will get a chat message stating who their next opponents are.  It will also state the table number if they are moving to a new table (no mention of table implies they are remaining at this table and thus awaiting currently playining opponents). You could advise players that when they get this message, click “Tables” and refresh. Then scan through the tables and board numbers in play. If that table or next opp0nents are more than one board behind, time for a cup of tea?

Keeping players informed.

The huge advantage of the “Chat to Room” facility is to be able to give reassurance to your players in the event of slow play or some other hold-up at a table, which will give rise to other players having to wait a significant time before they can start another round. Our CTD writes: “If I become aware, during a session of my F2F club, of a delay at one table that will cause a bit of a wait for my members, I send a message to the room that there may be a wait for most players at some point and to not be concerned.



The F2F FAQs has lots of advice on disconnections.

Judgement rulings

The good news is that there are very few book rulings (none?) to deal with. This leaves judgement rulings such as wrong explanations,  unauthorised information and wrong claims.  The only evidence that you have for this can only be supplied by email or phone along with reviewing the bidding and play records on a hand. The traveller for a given hand on bridgewebs has a play button for each result (NOT the “play it again” button).

BCL’s CTD is happy to be consulted on judgement rulings if you e-mail

Unfinished boards

There may be unfinished boards when a tournament is closed. You can either just ignore them (in which case players effectively get an average) or investigate by chat, email or phone in case you wish to assign an adjusted score.


TDs may find some knowledge of the movements used to be helpful. The movements are special types of Howell known as Flower movements, because they “flow”! These movements are rarely used F2F as they are designed for every table playing the same boards at the same time. For each section, there is a stationary NS pair at the lowest numbered table and all the other pairs go up one table, change directions at the highest numbered table and then go down one table each round till they play against the stationary pair, and then go back up one table each round. There is much swapping of direction between rounds.


For 3 to 6 tables, there is just one section, but for 7 to 12 tables, the field is split into two sections comprising the highest and the lowest numbered tables respectively. If there is an odd number of tables, the smaller section is that of the lowest table numbers.


The number of boards per round will vary. Often the length of rounds will increase by one board per round during the session. Everything depends on the number of tables and the number of boards to be played.


A section of 3 tables playing 24 boards will find they play rounds of 4, 5, 5, 5 and 5 boards respectively. A section of 6 tables playing 22 boards will play 11 rounds all of 2 boards each. A section of 5 tables playing 20 boards will play 7 rounds of two boards each followed by 2 rounds of three boards each. And so on.


Club Admin notes

Bridgewebs  - Calendar setup

It is suggested that sessions are set up in advance in Bridgewebs. In particular you can define a TD, scorer (suggest Bridgeclublive), host (if used) and possibly time or venue. Use Calendar/List calendar/New event or Calendar/Quick update.

You can also amend a previously updated event later on using Menu/Results calendar and selecting the entry you wish to amend. Note “Results calendar” is normally part way down the list on the left.

Bridgewebs  - User sessions

Clubs are likely to want a list of people over a set of sessions to be used as the basis of charging them for sessions played.

It is suggested that from bridgewebs administration you can do the following-

1.       Set up a new competition called e.g. “Player sessions July-Aug”.

2.       Set Type of competition = Individual.

3.       Set appropriate start and end dates. Click day (or days) of the week.

4.       Go to Menu/Amend. Move the competition from Results area to the membership.


Charging users for sessions is a challenge! The previous item gives the basis of a bare bones for collecting the data. However, there are now various purpose built online systems, they will cost upwards of £120 per year. The first two seem to have some amount of integration with bridgewebs and USEBIO.


Spade tickets



If providing payment details to your players, supply your sort code/account number plus name that your club is registered with your bank (bank systems often ask payees to verify correct name).

The International On Line Bridge Club Limited