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Saturday TEAMS 2022A League

Saturday TEAMS 2022A League

*** Default time of play is 19:00 GMT (20:00 BST). However, many teams may prefer an earlier start e.g. 19:00 BST. ***

2022A Winners - Team Jennifer Ann (Twinkle Martin T, BrunoR42152, TurgayD, U L F, Vogue, Thin King )                                  

Click here for 2021B Results.

The Saturday TEAMS League 2022A comprises 4+ Team Captains who will arrange to field a team every other Saturday starting  7th May 2022. Each match will comprise 3 x 8-board stanzas and the overall result of the 24-board match is converted to VPs on the approved scale. The aim of this League is to maximise fun but also to provide competitive teams play at BCL and therefore as many subs as needed to complete matches may be used. Freelancers names will be posted here and more occasional players are welcome to have their names added to the Freelancers list by sending a Sticky to SpecialComps.


Could Captains please forward their result email each month to .

This League will offer three Options that Captains may pursue by Sticky with their opposing Captain should they wish.

both Captains must agree to any change from the Default.

    1. Should a Team wish to play on a day other than the default Saturday then they may suggest that to their opps. If the match is late, it will be scored as 9-9 until it is played. Please inform SpecialComps if you agree this option.
 Should a Team wish to start earlier or later than the Default time of 20.00 UK local time (20:00 GMT winter/19:00 GMT Summer)  they may suggest another start time                    
    3. Should a Team wish to limit the match to 16 boards they may offer this alternative to their opps.


Captains should ensure that all their Team Members are aware of the simple Instructions below which must be followed to ensure the smooth running of the evenings.

There are only three instructions:

1. The Captain of the lowest number Team starts a Match Table for each Round;

2. The opposing Captain sits North at the 'B' Table corresponding to the 'A' Table started by their opps;

3. Team Members ALWAYS follow their Captain and ALWAYS start at their Captainís Table


Fixtures and Results                  
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 3             Total
  Default Saturday 07 May 21 May 04 Jun              
  Default Time GMT 19:00 19:00 20:00              
No.   VPs VPs VPs              
1     Malcolm  3 5 4             12
2     Jennifer Ann  17 17 14             48
3     Dead Parrot  16 15 6             37
4     Twiggy  4 3 16             23
  Ranking List   24-Board VP Scale   16-Board VP Scale  
No. Captain VPs   IMPs VPs   IMPs VPs  
2     Jennifer Ann  48   0-1 10-10   0-1 10-10  
3     Dead Parrot  37   2-5 11-9   2-4 11-9  
4     Twiggy  23   6-10 12-8   5-9 12-8  
1     Malcolm  12   11-15 13-7   10-12 13-7  
        16-21 14-6   13-17 14-6  
        22-27 15-5   18-22 15-5  
        28-34 16-4   23-28 16-4  
        35-43 17-3   29-35 17-3  
      44-53 18-2   36-43 18-2  
      54-65 19-1   44-53 19-1  
Updated 05/06/2022 07:42 66+ 20-0   54+ 20-0  
Captain Team Members
1     Malcolm      Houdini, EmbletonD, Hanna               
2     Jennifer Ann      Twinkle Martin T, BrunoR42152, TurgayD, U L F, Vogue, Thin King       
3     Dead Parrot      Victor,  Eyes_bukit, Quaestor, Acorn nut and cool hand luke.                 
4     Twiggy      Cheffy69,Smaxi,Shooter               


The use of SSDExtras in this competition is now obligatory and all pairs must make available a properly-completed SSDExtra for their opponents so that full system disclosure as required by the Laws of Bridge becomes the norm. Any pair failing to make available a sensibly-completed SSDExtra to their opponents could have 1 VP transferred from their score to their opponents score at the end of the match. In the event of a dispute the Tournament Director's decision will be final.

Pairs playing uncommon artificial methods are expected to inform their opponents in advance and offer to provide details, as some partnerships like to prepare defences.

Malcolm - Tournament Manager