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January 11th, 2019
Dear ,

NeXtGen Ver 2
Not only has this major release arrived, but we managed to achieve this prior to January 1st - a superb achievement in our books and already we are adding those last remaining touches, visible in the latest build 2.0.04 out today!

As one of our dedicated testers wrote to us and said "I have been using continually and looking for something to suggest. I can't find anything at the moment. I think it is superb and now I am used to it, a vast improvement."

I think it useful to alert you to the many settings that are now available in NeXtGen, which allow you to customise the look and feel to your own preferences. When you login - take a moment to go to the "Settings" tab, maybe experiment a little, and then leave your preferences set so you won't have to change them again. Colour and colour blind settings, kibbing and sound options, card display and chat options, plus a wide variety of playing area settings cover 99% of everything we have encountered!

With over 70% of our members now using NeXtGen, if you haven't done so yet - now is the time to try. I know I am repeating myself when I say this - but it is for your benefit. In other words, 2 clicks to a game from our home page with no Java or Flash involved any more - just super clean, super fast, and super easy! AND, on all devices from desktops to tablets and smartphones - the same familiar format on all.

As always, post your feedback on our dedicated comment board here.

Voice Chat
I promised in my last Newsletter, to announce some new ideas this year on top of our revolutionary NeXtGen that is really getting such positive press. We may be small but we are agile and like AVIS, we may not be #1 but we try harder!

My personal view has been for a long time, that voice chat at the table would be a great feature. However, I may be totally wrong and wish to be sure that in fact it is something that you, the playing members, feel would be a real benefit before we embark along this option.

I have created a 30 second opinion survey on this topic and ask you to take the time to give us a heads up or down, as the case may be. Please click here to read details first and then vote on this referendum! Shall we say VOXIT? Deadline is Jan 31st and if 1/3 or more of you vote yes, we will proceed with a Proof of Concept that will be available within weeks using an Indian Development Joint Venture opportunity we have available to us.

Reunion 2019 - Italy, nr Venice, Lido di Jesolo, May 2nd-May 6th
Another reminder as time is running out -  See the reunion summary page and take action to make your plans now!

From Barrie, our CTD
Our Timber Trophy is the world’s only Double Elimination Knockout Pairs and is run almost exactly as per the EBU Spring Foursomes, with pairs not eliminated until they have lost two matches.

Our No 1 seeds, Whoopsie and Da Linkwent, remained undefeated till the final, where, with 80 members spectating and with the lead changing hands many times, they very narrowly defeated the No 3 seeds, Grumpy and Wolfie, after the first 24 boards by 51% to 49%, thereby retaining their undefeated status for three years running.
Hand of the Month
Click here to see Barrie's Hand of the Month featuring Whoopsie in action in an earlier match in the Timber.

BridgeClubLive World Record!
On 2 January 2019, at a few seconds after 16.50 GMT, mbcat (Margaret) became our first member to play their 300,000th board in BCL. Margaret’s partner on the occasion was Judithp, one of Margaret’s hundreds of partners over the last year.
Fittingly, Margaret scored an outright 100% Top on her 300,000th board by taking a vulnerable 2S contract five off! One of Margaret’s other more frequent partners coincidentally just happened to write to me saying "I have just finished playing with mbcat and she is a joy to play with”
Our congratulations to Margaret, and here’s to mbcat’s next 300,000 boards!
About 100 of our members have played over 100,000 boards.

From Malcolm, our Comps Manager
The 2019 calendar can be seen here and shows all competitions for the coming year.

The IMPs, Swiss and euro afternoon Leagues have just started. They will run again in a few months time. Teams League events will kick off in March, however there are IMP pairs tourneys every day for those who prefer IMP scoring with no impact on their PPI.

That's all folks - but what an exciting year ahead!

BTW - please spread the word about us and help us get our membership up even further - we need you!

kind regards,

Nick Justice
Managing Director 

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