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February 21st, 2019
Dear ,

NeXtGen Ver 2.1.06
We continue to progress this major release with more features and more adjustments to make sure all types of tablets, iPad and Android, work perfectly under all circumstances. Current release details here.
Out and About
Our congratulations to BCL member Gilly Cardiff (Da Linkwent) on winning the Lady Milne Final Trials to automatically earn selection to play for England in the coming Home International event. Gilly is one half of BCL’s top pair.
A week later, her BCL partner, and our Serious Ethics Consultant, Ed Scerri (Whoopsie), led his county, Bucks and Berks (ok, two counties joined up!) to second place out of an original 33 teams in England’s Inter-County Teams of Eight event, the Tollemache.
Meanwhile, in Scotland, Andrew Symons (Jonathan S) was non-playing captain for the Scotland Team in the junior Home International event, the Peggy Bayer Trophy.
From Malcolm, our Competitions Manager.
The current IMPs, Swiss and euro afternoon Leagues are well underway and they will run again in a few months time.
The Open Teams and Saturday Teams League are open for entries and start in March. More teams will be very welcome. There are also IMP pairs tourneys every day for those who prefer IMP to MP scoring with no impact on their PPI.
The 2019 calendar can be seen here  and shows all competitions for the coming year.

Voice Chat
The survey concluded for me NOT to progress this any further. We have other more important things on our books. Thank you for all your feedback and comments. We did listen to them! The summary results can be seen here.
However, as a result of the feedback, I am carrying out a test of a voice facility only to be used for Teaching and for Commentary on some of our big games, It will operate from a simple link on your members page.  In order to test this I need at least 10 volunteers, to request their special audio link, which will be shown as a loudspeaker Icon on their Home Page once registered. When pressed at a predetermined session time, all those members will be connected by their local audio to the Teacher or Commentator.
Send your registration request to voice@bridgeclublive.com and we will then setup your Icon and establish some test times in March.

Reunion 2019 - Italy, May 2nd-May 6th
Only 10 days left before bookings close - after this time, rooms and prices cannot be guaranteed in any way. Act now, or you will regret not coming to meet your friends and see one of the most beautiful cities in the world!  Full Details/Booking

EBU Members
We gave advance warning in our July, 2018 Newsletter that you will be receiving an email very soon, summarising the last 4 months of 2018, if you were eligible and/or gained OMP's. 
We pay the EBU a monthly fee under their 'Pay to Play' license that we have as an authorised club, for these to be credited to your account as appropriate. You will be able to pay this online using our membership shop. In future, as the amounts are very small, these will appear annually in arrears and this run will check our systems. 


kind regards,
Nick Justice
Managing Director 

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