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June 29th, 2019
Dear ,

  • NeXtGen Update
  • Voice Tests
  • UK Reunion 2020
  • Life Memberships adjustment
  • From our Competitions Manager

NeXtGen Update
We  have adjusted the priority on the next items to be released, and are returning to these now with the main tasks to incorporate EW horizontal card options and to improve the card graphics on older computers with low resolution. An updated list of planned features can be seen on the NeXtGen Comment Board header page.

Voice Tests
The latest software, whilst working well in our recent tests, is still overkill in its complication for our needs. So I am now looking at a 3rd package to continue our evaluation. There is no doubt, from the teaching point of view, that it has really large benefits. Get this right and we have a real opportunity to flaunt this feature in the future. The status page for those who are interested, is under the Menu "Support>Technical>AudioBroadcasts" or just click here for details.

UK Reunion 2020
The next Reunion has been set to be in Harrogate, on the weekend of March 27/28/29 with early bird booking deals - so with just under 9 months to go - pencil in your diary!  The information has been updated here and can be found under "Community>Reunions". The bookings are open now and can be made online.

From our Competitions Manager
Entries, and especially re-entries, are needed for the 2019B Euro afternoon and 2019B Saturday teams Leagues. The Saturday teams league is of course a great opportunity to play proper teams and in a non-PPI rated room. We desperately need team captains and people prepared to play.

The Timber Trophy knockout, Club Diamond knockout and Indyfest, will again be running later this year. There will be prominent adverts on the home page in a few weeks.

The 2019 calendar can be seen here and shows all competitions for the coming year.

Lifetime Memberships
As of the end of July, we are suspending the sale of the 100% Lifetime Loyalty coupon until further notice - but all others continue to be available - so if you want to take this opportunity now, see the full loyalty information here.

kind regards,

Nick Justice
Managing Director 

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