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May 2015

Dear ,

Those who attended last month's UK reunion reported that it was one of the best in terms of hotel and bridge facilities - so well done to all the team for that! To cap it all off, we announced a full year ahead, the 2016 reunion  in Croatia, which I have summarised details below.

UK REUNION 17-20th, April 2015

Full bridge results are here and some pictures are up on our Facebook page and our Album here.


INTL REUNION 21st April 2016 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

See our colour brochure here and book quickly - Bookings are open from June 1st, and the first early bird 20 bookings get a 10% discount. The prices are even cheaper than our recent UK event - so it's a great opportunity to bolt on a few days to make a trip to look forward to.!

Tony tells me that the present series of Saturday Teams finishes on the penultimate Saturday in July and that on Saturday 1st August – for one night only – he will be running a "Swinging Teams” evening. Also known as ‘Pivot’ Teams each member of a Team of Four plays an 8-board stanza with each other team member. The format will comprise as many groups of four teams as possible carefully ranked so that each team has an equal chance of winning its group. Could be a lot of fun for ageing swingers!


Peter has a small article here for those interested in the more eloquent and amusing side of bridge. In a new series of "Bridge Blogs", he has removed his salesman hat and presents some left-field ideas about modern bridge, tinged with some autobiographical detail about his 60 years in the bridge world. As a respected analyst and author of the Diamond Major Bridge System, used by a grateful albeit small coterie around the globe, he is qualified!

His first bridge blog is an unusual approach to bidding excellent hands, with enough strength/potential to qualify for the standard 2C opening. This has been published before, but will be new to the vast majority of our members – there's provision at the end for recipients to instigate two-way discussion on any points, as will always be the case. The Short Club – Diamond Bust


This has dropped rapidly with our new system 'bedding in' and the responses and apologies have been wide and varying! The point is, that the person concerned has been alerted to the effect  and has accepted their responsibility and apologised  - we have accepted their apology - and no doubt, these members will take more attention in the future where a quit might happen or be avoidable. All good for everyone.

  • It was a technical problem with my computor  it suddenly died on me
  • so sorry for the incident, yes, there was an emergency here, granddaughter cut herself very badly and had to be taken to the doctor. I apologise sincerely’ she is on the mend now.
  • Yes that was right,I did leave after 2nd or 3rd board ,as a result of discussion with my partner on a petty bidding issue but soon realized it was wrong and tried to re connect many a times but could not reconnect as its often Problems from my country to get connected to net and some times abrupt power failures.
  • I am very sorry about the incident. It was my fault as I thought it was at the end of the fourth round. I realized that I quit before completing the full round.
  • I do apologise. My iPad ran out of charge and I could not find the lead to plug it in! I was enjoying the game and was very sorry to let the table down. 
We are in progress of updating our websites to have the additional "https" standard - which means it is more secure in all respects and meets the latest web and google standards. The first site that has already been updated is www.bridgeplayer.com and we will complete the others in due course. 


Last month, so many of you clicked this link that I assumed you were not aware of it! - So here we go again with the May HOTM. To see the latest teaser, click here.




kind regards from all the team,


Nick Justice

Managing Director

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