[News] Bridge Club Live - November 2015
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November 2015

Dear ,
There are some important items in this month's news that affect you, so please take time out to read them all.

The 'Report' Button

This will be released in the new Java version this week and provides a new button located to the right of the chat area. The object of this button is to record all recent table activity as seen from your perspective, up to the point of pressing the report button. This includes chat, table seating and leaving, aliases at the table, board number, table and room names etc - all automatically timed and of course 100% accurate.

Once pressed, you then have the opportunity to review why you may be considering reporting an incident - and then, and only then, once confirmed by you, it is submitted to our existing formal process. It is NOT to be used lightly or frivolously but is there to help you and us, avoid errors and allow you to consider carefully  - hence the name 'Interim' - as nothing happens until you confirm.

The latest JAVA version
These are the key updates on the latest version:
  • Friends List now allows more friends
  • Interim Incident Report (IIR) Report Button added - See above
  • Improved handling of server message to wait 3 to 4 mins for a player to return
  • If playing or kibbing and you try to change room you are told that you need to leave the table first
  • Bug fixes relating to Automovement failures.
Tablet Update
These are now underway at last, but we felt the reporting feature was more important for us to improve and streamline our ethics systems. We are fully aware of the delays this has caused those who wish to kibitz on the tablet and have more features, and are doing our very best to catch up on these devices.

Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs - 10th November
21 boards that will be played all over the UK on this Tuesday - click here for details.

Face-to-Face Clubs can meet Online at Teams here at BCL
Members of BCL are invited to get together with three friends from their local club for a Teams of Four event on Saturday 30th January 2016. Their friends will be able to play in BCL during January for FREE so they can used to our software, there are no entry fees for any team and as an EBU Affiliated online club we will be awarding Local Master Points on the appropriate scale.

Interest has already been shown in this event from clubs in such diverse locations as Cornwall, the Midlands, Sheffield, Scotland and Surrey, not to mention New Zealand. Click here for more details.

The 'INDY' Knockout
This experimental event is a new concept for Individual Tourneys and is already stimulating a lot of interest among Indy-lovers at BCL where Indys have become second only to the Dido Tourneys in recent months. The competition starts on 15th November. To date all the maximum 64 places have been taken up. Don't miss out, but click here for details.

New Leagues are starting again in 2016

  • IMPs Pairs League 2016A starts on 1st January - entries by 17th December.
  • Swiss Pairs League 2016A starts on 6th January - entries  by 21st December.
  • Euro-Afternoon Pairs League 2016A starts on 13th January - entries by 6th January.
  • Saturday Teams League 2016A starts on 13th February - entries  by 6th February.

Details of the existing Leagues can be found from Links from the right hand side of the Home Page and entries can be made at any time by Sticky to 'SpecialComps'.

kind regards from all the team,


Nick Justice

Managing Director

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