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December 2015

Dear ,

Xmas/New Years Quiz
So let's start off with our annual Quiz - top prize as usual, is a ?50 membership voucher to give the person of your choice. After all, this is the season of goodwill! You must NOT use google as these questions are cunningly designed by Peter to require more than just skill and knowledge - and of course, he has the final judgement. Click here to enter now.
Tablet Update
We have just released a full update to the iPad version which, in addition to some essential bug fixes, has also been optimised for iOS9 and now allows you to view a member profile by tapping on their alias (when you are not seated). We are now working hard on both versions to include full kibitzing.

Some of you who do use the iPad seem to have a false impression that it is not as good in its connection to the server as the PC version - not true - the 'pingometer' is at the top left for many who are not aware - as long as you are in the green you are well connected. Also, claiming, full chat facilities and starting tables are all included of course, but for some reason we've noticed that a few still struggle to use all the facilities provided in the App and this generally seems due to unfamiliarity with all the versatility that tablet computers offer.
Teams of Four for Local Clubs
Bridge Club Live is running an Evening for Teams of Four from real bridge clubs so that a team from your local club could experience the fun of playing against three teams who could be playing on the other side of the world. This they could do from the comfort of their own home, with no travelling, with no cost and no carbon emissions. The event will take place on Saturday, 30th January 2016 at 20.00 hrs GMT in our Teams of Four Room.

BCL is offering every member of your local club full FREE membership for 50 days from mid-December to enable you to introduce then to online bridge in this fun teams evening. The 50 days free trial will give you time to help them become conversant with BCL software before you represent your club. 

The evening will comprise 8-board matches against three other Bridge Club Teams of Four that could be taking part anywhere in the UK or further afield. To date we have interest from clubs in Scotland, Cornwall and New Zealand together with some from the Midlands and the South of England.

Any member of Bridge Club Live can form a team or teams to represent his/her local in this unique event. If you are interested please have a word and ensure that you don't miss this one-off opportunity. Click here for more information and a flyer to download for your club notice board.

Pairs Leagues starting 2016

All matches are of 18 boards and played in the renamed IMPs League Room with one match every 14 days. Entries by 17th December and play starts on 1st January 2016.

All matches are of 18 boards and played in the Swiss Pairs League Room with one match every 14 days.Entries by  21st December and play starts on 6th January 2016.

Euro-Afternoon PAIRS LEAGUE 2016A
This event is played in the Daily MPs Room (non-Dido mode) with one 18-board match played every 14 days. Entries by 6th January 2016 and play starts on 13th January 2016.  

Click here or the link on the home page for full details 

"50 Days of Play" for FREE
The perfect gift for your favourite bridge playing friend for New Year, Christmas or somewhat belatedly for Thanksgiving and there is absolutely no need to tell them that you got it for nothing from Bridge Club Live on Black Friday or just after! Just click here to fill in a few details and you can be playing with them in a matter of minutes.

A further reminder that since January 2015 we announced that we cannot accept overseas cheques as the UK banking system no longer processes such cheques for small amounts. We initiated an additional method earlier this year for those who wish to do a safe and secure transfer without a credit card or cheque - click here for full information. For those in India, you can even now send INR using this method.

We are offering a short bur worthwhile seasonal discount of 15% off all standard annual memberships if you renew in the next 12 days before December 25th. Use the coupon "XMAS2015" at the membership checkout. Don't wait, as even if you have recently renewed, or your expiry is not for a month or so, lock in the discount! - all renewals are always added in full to the end of your current membership. Our gift to you!

At the same time, why not consider giving a membership gift certificate to someone you know who is either already a member or wishes to join?  They can be of any value you select, and have the facility to contain your own personal message - click here.

So, on that note of giving, all of the team here at BCL also give you and your families our seasonal greetings and best wishes for the New Year.


Nick Justice

Managing Director

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