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March 2016
Dear ,
Well over 1.2 million boards have been played since we opened Bridge4Free and this takes us to our 19th year providing online bridge! - which means you are in good and experienced hands! Remember, our policy is NEVER to use robots - everyone you play with is a real person, so please, please consider this at all times.

If you have been affected by the problem of some Web Browsers (eg Google Chrome, Edge) not supporting Java Plugins, then please come back and login again here - you will see that we now direct you to our New App that does NOT require a Java Plugin and it has it's own desktop shortcut. All you need to do, is click this shortcut and play!
We urge all Computer users to install the this stand alone 'App' on their desktop by using the link shown below. (Not to be confused with our separate 'App' for Tablet users) 
We have also just released a PBN viewer -  this allows replay of Bridge Hands that are recorded in the PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) file format on our archives. If you are a SOCIAL or a FULL  member of Bridge Club Live - you can replay any of these past boards in your own time on any modern web browser. Using these development techniques, we will be updating our full program to use the HTML5  format in due course. Click here to see how it works.

For those now considering using a Tablet (iPad, Android or Amazon Kindle) remember, our Apps to play online bridge are free to use in Bridge4Free (BridgeClubLive requires a small membership fee)
We have now reached a level of activity, where everyone will get a game, everyday at any time, day or night, but we are obliged to add a small limitation of 24 boards available to play in any one day - plenty for you to enjoy competing for a place on the daily leader board! Free and without obligation.

However, for those who are keen to play more, the NEW Social Membership Option will allow this BUT within a very safe and monitored environment, and with the facility to look up archived hands and replay them. Buy a Social Membership for 1 month now and see for yourself!
 Features  Bridge4Free  BridgeClubLive  BridgeClubLive
Social Membership
   Single Room
 Social Room ONLY  (includes Social Room)
Boards Dealt  24 bds/day  96 bds/day
1 Tourney
All Tourneys

All Tourneys
Leader Boards  
1 Leaderbd
1 Leaderbd
1  Tourney
1 Tourney

Many Tourneys
Desk Top & Tablet Apps  
Social Play  
Friends List
"StickyNotes" - Member to member
Change your Alias
View Played Hands with our PBN prog
View Archive Hands with our PBN Prog 
Ethics Monitoring
Zero-tolerance to Rudeness & Quitting
Reunions/Social Get-togethers
Member's & Support Forums
Daily Email of Personal Results
Tournament Archives
Tournament Leader Boards
Simple System Disclosure - SSD
Invite a Player to Join you
Tournament Director - score adjustments
Rating & Performance charts
Leagues and KO Tourneys
IMPs and MPs Scoring
COST FREE  £4/month
*Loyalty, low user and regional discounts may be applicable
Using our 1 day Tournament/Full Membership day pass, you can now play not only Individual and Pairs Tourneys running every day at Bridge Club Live, our 'big sister' club, but Teams and Pairs Leagues and Knockout competitions which run throughout the year.

The most popular daily Tourney is our Drop-In, Drop-Out Tourney, known affectionately as DIDO, with a new deal of 96 boards every day. As the title implies, you can play as many rounds of four hands as you wish throughout the day with as many different partners as you like taking as many breaks from the table as you need for drinks, meals and comfort stops! 

Our main club gives you all the feel of a real club by providing a full range of tournaments and even once a year, we have a reunion where we enjoy a weekend away with others in the club. Some will probably meet face to face for the first time since playing online. It is fun and  such friendships then go on to last a life time. In April 2016, the meeting will be in Dubrovnik - join us if you can. Click here for details.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Justice
Managing Director


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