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April 2016

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The April Newsletter is very much about Teams play in our Teams of Four Room at Bridge Club Live.

The Saturday Teams League 2016A
We have eight teams taking part in the latest Saturday Teams League which started on Saturday 26th March with the final Saturday being on 16th June. Full details of the League and how to become a reserve player (we call them Freelancers) please click here.
2016 Teams Championships
The Final of the 2015 Teams Championship took place in January when the formidable team of Dead Parrot, Victor, Whoopsie, Da Linkwent, Steve. and Mark. rather overwhelmed the team captained by Audiothief. The match was watched by quite a crowd of kibbers.
2016 Teams Championship will comprise eight teams who will be playing a full round robin before Semi-Finals and the Final take place at the end of the year. To check out the details and to enter please  click here.

Local Clubs Teams Evening in January
Six face-to-face clubs took part under their BCL team mate captains in this trial event with over half those playing having never played at BCL before. They took advantage of the '50 Days of Play' free trial offer allowing them to get used to online bridge before they played competitively. A few of them have already signed up as new members.

Members of the EBU have also been given the same trial offer so please persuade your friends from the 'real' world to give us a try. Should you think that your club may wish to participate in any similar future events please let us know by sending a 'Sticky Note' to SpecialComps (no space)

An Exhibition Teams Match featuring our top players
We are running a BCL Champions Exhibition Match on Sunday, 24th April 2016 at 20.00 hrs GMT in our Teams of Four Room. The format will comprise three 8-board Teams matches with four of our leading pairs playing an 8-board stanza teaming up with each other against the other two pairs, giving a total of 24 boards over about 3-hours. Many members will be in Dubrovnik for the BCL 2016 Reunion and may well watch the latter stages of the match as part of their cabaret!
The pivotal pair will be Whoopsie & Da Linkwent, who've won the IMPs Pairs League seven times since 2013. We have invited Lozzzz & Slarty, Winners of the last two Swiss Pairs Leagues in 2015, Steve. & Mark., five times Winners of the IMPs League, three times Winners of the Swiss Pairs League and they have just won the 2015 Timber Trophy, and Audiothief & Mayke, twice Winners of the Euro-Afternoon Pairs League and present holders of the Top Gun Championship in the Spade/Heart Room.

Teams of Four Room used for "SHRIMPS " trial event
Spade and Heart members are invited to take part in a trial event tagged "SHRIMPS” in the Teams of Four Room every Tuesday starting at 18.30 hrs GMT (7.30 pm BST). I will guarantee to be on hand for Tuesdays during April and will act as host to help in organising teams for those pairs and individuals who arrive to play.

Each 8-board match will last about an hour after which I hope that we can shuffle those pairs available so that more matches can take place. We can continue playing until everyone has had enough. The will mean that scores can be meaningful even with as few as four pairs wanting to play. For more details and to enter please click here.

From 14th April we will be changing the Spade/Heart Room into an IMPs Tourney which will be open to all members and will start at the same time as the S/H Room always started, that is 19.30 hrs GMT or 8.30 pm BST.
Finally .. an instructive Hand of the Month from the last Saturday Teams League 2015B
This interesting hand and an expert analysis and commentary by Senior Kibitzer can be seen by clicking here.

Club Manager


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