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November 19, 2017

Dear ,

As promised 9 days ago, we are now showcasing our first release of the 'NeXtGen' program to you as a full member. It is a technological first in the world of online bridge! 

And - what better timing for us to allow you to spectate our Memorial Tournament today, Sunday 19th November, with this program!  - watch our top players in action in an easy to follow format on your computer, tablet or phone - at home or even on the road! 
Here is the link:
If you are already logged onto our current website, then you will be taken directly to the Main login page of our new Website also under development. Click the 'Spectate Bridge' button, choose the club or room you wish to enter, and hey presto you are there immediately! Nothing else to load, or wait for - where you will see familiar buttons and on-screen choices to look at eg; chat, profile, results, SSD's and much, much more...
At this stage we are fully aware there is much to do yet and of course we will be fine tuning and enhancing as we go along. The next step is to play, and this release will be following close behind in a matter of weeks! - we've already played a hand on our internal test versions.

From Malcolm, our Comps Manager,
The Timber Trophy is now in its semi-final and final phase. It too will provide an excellent opportunity to try out the 'NeXtGen' program. Match dates and times will be advertised.

Our competitions are now completing as the year ends with the last round of the IMPs League and the various competitions (Individual, Improvers and IMP pairs) which accumulate monthly over the year. The Individual knockout is just starting and will run into next year.

A draft 2018 calendar will be published very soon. It will look very much like 2017, but with dates shifted by a day or so. I look forward to hearing from lots of you in the future via entries to the various competitions.

Barrie, our TD writes,
We are planning to resume our Hand of the Month feature on the web site. and although I come across a number of interesting hands myself, these are not frequent enough to sustain a regular once a month feature.
We are therefore offering a £10 reward to you for information that leads to publishing of a Hand of the Month. The more that you can do to draft a feature the better. I also compose features with an interesting hand six times every year for our BCL page in the bi-monthly English Bridge magazine, so you may also find yourself credited there!
Please send whatever you have to barrie@bridgeclublive.com

Finally, to help us improve this revolutionary new program, you can feedback your comments even now, good or bad - we have broad shoulders! - but send to this address so we can focus on them! -  nextgen@bridgeclublive.com
Kind regards,
 Nick Justice Managing Director

NeXtGen Login here



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