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 September 8th, 2018
Dear ,

NeXtGen Ver 1.16
Today we released yet another build, this time focussing on some cosmetic updates which will improve even further over the coming weeks. Functionally, we are now ahead of the Java version and therefore proud the we have overcome all the issues since our 6 June Official first release. A full list of features for the current release is included HERE.

We seriously suggest you take a moment to try NeXtGen - all you have to do is to go to our Home Page and press the 'Play Bridge' button - nothing else is involved!

NeXtGen has been developed based on constructive feedback from our members. Try it and feedback, comments and thoughts to nextgen@bridgeclublive.com or post on our dedicated commentboard HERE.

Java Desktop - Security issues!
As we anticipated over a year ago, our NeXtGen completely avoids the need to have the JAVA operating system installed - and co-incidentally, yesterday, some of you experienced some sort of security warning or blockage - purely due to ORACLE, the Java Developer, suggesting that our application was now less secure that it had been.

This is absolute nonsense as our signing certificate was valid  for the last release we made. As we notified to you in our July newsletter, we no longer support any upgrades to any of our Tablet or Java desktop versions and will retire all support as of 31st December this year.

However, if you wish to continue with the Java version you may be obliged now to tick a security acceptance at each session and to overcome any issues. We have prepared a detailed FAQ to explain and help you fix this issue HERE.

Reunion 2019 - Italy, nr Venice, Lido di Jesolo, May 2nd-May 6th
Full details here -  a bargain event for a quality location - so there are strict limits on the numbers - and once our allocation is gone, it's gone - so do not delay. Bookings are filling rapidly and even now, with 8 months to go we are nearly 40% booked.

Nick Justice
Managing Director 

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