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BCL Membership Types

BridgeClubLive is a membership club and has two types of membership.

Full Membership

Adds a further range of premium features. Highly suitable to anyone who is a more serious or active player and enjoys a full range of tournaments.

 DIDO Tournament
 Individual Tournament
 IMPS Tournament
 Teams of Four Tournament
 Improvers Tournament
 Special Competitions
 Simple System Disclosure
 Master Points

More Information

Each membership type requires a subscription fee and starts from a simple 1 month trial period with a 100% 'No Quibble' moneyback guarantee.

Social membership costs less than £1/week on an annual basis

Full Membership costs half the price of one cup of coffee per week! (£1.38p/$1.75)

Country Regional pricing makes it affordable for everyone.

Check out our Price List

We do NOT rely on any external advertising and we do NOT have Robots - this is 100% live play with real people in a fully protected ethical environment.


Members who are accused of rudeness, quitting or worse are investigated by our Ethics Team.

Social Bridge

96 deals per day, 12 boards to qualify, results emails, current and archived personal results.


Online supervised practise takes place twice a day on monday. Our coaches are there to help you improve your bridge.

Friends List

Find your friends easily, 4 colour coded groups and you can make notes about your friends.

Sticky Notes

A private way of communicating with other members without having to reveal your email address. You are emailed after 3 days if there are any sticky notes sent to you that you have not read.

Full Profile

Add system notes on what systems you like to play.

Upload your own photo

Personalise yourself by uploading a photo which then shows on your profile and when you are seated at a table.

Change Alias

You can choose your own unique alias, between 5 to 15 characters long and beginning with a letter of the alphabet.

Standard Chat messages

Cut back on typing by being able to quickly place one of up to 20 customised messages in the chat out area.

Comment Boards

The 'Members' comment board is our most popular forum where members discuss bridge and other topics.

Results Emails

Get the results of your last games by email when a tournament ends.

Personal Results Web Pages

See how well you did, how others did, and play back any hand from our archives (universal PBN format) using our custom handviewer software.


Meet your online partners in the real world for a weekend of bridge and social events at a different location each year. In 2020 it will be held in Harrogate, UK

DIDO Tournament

DIDO means 'Drop In Drop Out' and is our unique and popular daily tournament where you play rounds of 4 boards and after each set you get new opponents if you opt to play another round.

Individual Tournament

No need for an arranged partner in this 18 board tournament - simply turn up when it starts and take a seat. You partner each player at the table for 3 boards then are auto-moved to another table to do the same for the remaining 9 boards.

IMPS Tournament

Fans of IMPS scoring love this tournament, a fully automatic movement with 18 boards.

Teams of Four Tournament

Two teams sit down and play an 8 board tournament. Fully automatic movement and scoring.

Improvers Tournament

This 16 board tournament is for members who have a club or diamond rating, it takes place twice per week and is a fully automatic movement.

Special Competitions

IMPS Pairs League, Swiss Pairs League, Saturday Teams League and a Handicap Knockout Pairs await those of you who wish to play in events that last several months. These events are firm favorites with some of our top players and spectating them can be a real treat.


Most of our rooms are rated and players are graded into Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. The English Bridge Union ranking scheme is based on our system.

Simple Discloure System

An 'SSD' (Simple Disclosure System) is a way of quickly defining a short convention card with a player. Each SSD that you create is stored for ease of use next time you meet the player.

Master Points

Many of our tournaments qualify for the English Bridge Union's Local Points. The DIDO tournament is a special event for which, following EBU - BCL discussion, Paragraph 3.1.5 of the Master Point Handbook was specifically composed.